A irssi script to rename chat.facebook.com nicks in bitlbee from e.g. "u1359078110" to "AEvarArnfjord"
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This is a irssi script to automatically issue bitlbee rename commands for nonsensical nicks like u1359078110, changing them into e.g. AEvarArnfjord.

To do this it uses the Text::Unidecode module. You must install it for the script to work, either from CPAN or from your package manager. E.g. aptitude install libtext-unidecode-perl in Debian and Ubuntu.

Additionally, Bitlbee itself must be configured to use utf-8 as its charset. To find out if that's the case, do this in the &bitlbee channel:

<@avar> set charset
<@root> charset = `utf-8'

If not, just set the charset to utf-8 like so:

<@avar> set charset utf-8
<@root> charset = `utf-8'


This script is originally from nowhere.dk modified by Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason to support Unicode names.