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import uwsgi
from bottle import route, default_app, request, response, redirect
def chat():
return """<iframe src="/recv"></iframe>
<iframe src="/sender"></iframe>"""
def sender():
return """<form method="GET" action="/send">
<textarea name="message"></textarea><br/>
<input type="submit" value="send" />
def recv():
response.header['Transfer-Encoding'] = 'chunked'
# this will flush headers
yield ""
running = True
while running:
# this will put the core in pause (for max 10 seconds) and remove it from the sched queue, so the /send can write to its socket
if not uwsgi.green_pause(10):
running = False
# this will maintain the connection opened if no data arrives
yield "<span/>"
def send():
# this will write to all the core in PAUSED state
uwsgi.green_write_all(request.GET['message'] + "<br/>")
# this will unpause all the paused cores, so they will be re-inserted in the sched queue
application = default_app()
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