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Releases: avast/retdec

Release v5.0

08 Dec 11:40
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What's Changed

The one major change:

  • RetDec is now a library (#779.
    • Related changes are the removal of (it is now a binary, e.g. retdec-decompiler.exe on Windows), retdec-bin2llvmir, retdec-llvmir2hll, and some other supportive functionality.
    • See an example in src/retdectool, or an actual implementation of RetDec executable in src/retdec-decompiler, to find out how to use RetDec library.

For more details, see the full changelog or the list below:


07 Apr 21:15
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  • Added support for decompilation of 64-bit ARM binaries (#268, #533, #550).
  • Added option to generate the decompilation results as JSON (JSON output file format). This output contains additional meta-information and can be conveniently consumed by 3rd-party tools.
  • Added a new library called retdec that lets you decompile the input into both LLVM IR module and structured (i.e. functions and basic blocks) Capstone disassembly. See the retdectool demo application.
  • Implemented proper RetDec installation (#648). It is now possible to easily use RetDec components in other CMake projects.

See the accompanying blog post for detailed description of the main features.

For all the changes, see the full changelog.


18 Mar 15:49
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  • Added basic support for decompilation of x86-64 binaries (previously, RetDec supported only 32b Intel x86).
  • Added support for build and run on FreeBSD and potentially on other BSD OSes.
  • Replaced the old LLVMIR-to-BIR converter in retdec-llvmir2hll with a new one, which, in most cases, improves code structure and significantly speeds up decompilations.
  • Reduced the needed stack space in retdec-llvmir2hll, which lowers its memory requirements.
  • retdec-fileinfo is now able to parse and generate imported types and TypeRef hashes for .NET binaries, metadata of Visual Basic binaries, and icon hashes for exact and similarity matching in PE files.
  • Many bug fixes.

For more details, see the full changelog.


16 Aug 09:42
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  • Converted shell scripts to Python scripts so that Windows users no longer have to install MSYS2 in order to run RetDec.
  • Added generation of export-table hashes into retdec-fileinfo.
  • Several other bugfixes and enhancements.

For more details, see the full changelog.


07 Jun 09:22
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  • Unofficial support for building and running RetDec on macOS.
  • Reduced the likelihood of system crashes and freezes by limiting the overall memory when running RetDec tools.
  • More accurate decoding - a complete rewrite of binary to LLVM IR translation.
  • More accurate statically linked code detection - cross-checking signature references.
  • Detection of corrupted and unloadable PE files.
  • Better detection of compilers and packers - added new signatures and heuristics. YARA signatures are compiled now, which results in faster scanning.
  • New directory structure and tool names - we have added a retdec- prefix to all installed binaries and scripts.
  • Easier project development - removal of git submodules.
  • Build speedup and continuous integration builds.
  • Many other bugfixes and enhancements.

For more details, see the full changelog.

Initial public release (v3.0)

13 Dec 05:38
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This is the initial public release.