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to build distilled:

1. prepare your build environment. read the instructions here on the android

   stop at the "Initializing a Repo client" step.

2. pull down the distilled source files from github:

     mkdir ~/src/distilled/
     cd ~/src/distilled
     repo init -u git:// -b eclair
     repo sync

3. extract the proprietary files from your nexus one (you must have adb
   installed and in your PATH for this step):

     cd ~/src/distilled/vendor/htc/passion

   props to cyanogen for this script 

3. compile:

     cd ~/src/distilled
     vendor/avatar/ --src=~/src/distilled --dst=/home/avatar

   when you are prompted to select the build type, choose:

     14. avatar_passion-userdebug

   this will compile the platform, kernel, boot.img, system.img, and create
   a signed in the directory specified by "dst." If "dst" is not
   specified, only the platform and kernel will be compiled.

   note: cleans and rebuilds the kernel by default. if you've
   already built the kernel and don't want to recompile it again, use the
   --no-kernel option:

     vendor/avatar/ --src=~/src/distilled --dst=/home/avatar --no-kernel

distilled is very loosely based on cyanogenmod. only small fragments here
and there bear any resemblance to the original project. all 
cyanogenmod-specific functionality and additions have been removed.

distilled uses all vanilla aosp parts with the following exceptions:

  * an updated lock screen framework that i hack at in my spare time. includes
    a new pin-style locking mechanism in addition to the traditional drag lock.
  * canadiancow's battery meter
  * superuser app by koush and jf

note: the kernel is built fresh from google's 2.6.32-msm branch, and includes
out of the box support for wired and wireless tethering. it is completely
vanilla and contains no hacks or uv/oc nonsense. however, distilled remains
compatible with cyanogenmod kernels for those who prefer them.