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Welcome to avatar², the target orchestration framework with focus on dynamic analysis of embedded devices' firmware!

Avatar² is developed and maintained by Eurecom's S3 Group.


Building avatar² is easy!

First, make sure that all the dependencies are present:

sudo apt-get install python-pip python-setuptools python-dev cmake

Afterwards, the following three commands are enough to install the core.

$ git clone
$ cd avatar2
$ sudo python install

Afterwards, the different target endpoints can be built, such as QEmu or PANDA. For doing so, we are providing build-scripts for Ubuntu 16.04 - while other distributions are not officially supported (yet), the scripts are known to work with slight modifications on other distributions as well.

$ cd targets
$ ./build_*.sh

Getting started

For discovering the power of avatar² and getting a feeling of its usage, we recommend highly checking out the handbook here on github. Additionally, a documentation of the API is provided here and some exemplary avatar²-scripts can be found here. Additionally, another good way to get started with avatar² is to read the official avatar² paper or to watch the 34c3-talk.

For further support or follow-up questions, feel free to contact us via IRC in #avatar2 on freenode, or to send a mail to avatar2 [at], our public mailing list.

Additionally, you can subscribe to the list here.


  1. M. Muench, D. Nisi, A. Francillon, D. Balzarotti. "Avatar²: A Multi-target Orchestration Platform." Workshop on Binary Analysis Research, San Diego, California, February 2018.
  2. M. Muench, J. Stijohann, F. Kargl, A. Francillon, D.avide Balzarotti. "What You Corrupt Is Not What You Crash: Challenges in Fuzzing Embedded Devices." Network and Distributed System Security Symposium, San Diego, California, 2018.