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#!/usr/bin/guile \
-e main -s
;;; tic-tac-toe v2
;;; the tic-tac-toe game layout is considered a single list
;;; numbered 0 - 8 where 0 to 2 is top row, 3 to 5 the middle
;;; row and 6 to 8 the bottom row, similarly right most
;;; column is 2-5-8. The indices look like this:
;;; 0 1 2
;;; 3 4 5
;;; 6 7 8
;;; each index is a container for a value, #f means still unfilled
;;; 'x means the program's move, 'y is the user's move.
;;; the 'my' in the code refer's to the "program" AI mind, the user
;;; is referred to as 'her'
;;; Suggestions and improvements submitted to will be
;;; appreciated
; to get line number on runtime exceptions
(use-modules (ice-9 debugger))
(use-modules (ice-9 rdelim))
; Identity function for using with and-map
(define (I x)
; equivalent of python's "if member in list:"
(define (has the-list member)
(cond ((equal? the-list '())
((equal? (car the-list) member)
(has (cdr the-list) member))))
; standard reduce
(define (reduce op list)
(define (reduce-inner op list ans)
(if (equal? list '())
(reduce-inner op (cdr list) (op ans (car list)))))
(reduce-inner op (cdr list) (car list)))
; (range x) returns a list (0 .. x-1)
(define (range x)
(letrec ((range-inner (lambda (x half-ans)
(if (= x 0)
(range-inner (- x 1)
(append (list (- x 1))
(range-inner x (list))))
; remove elements from thelist if the predicate 'func' returns #f
; for those elements and return as a new list
(define (filter func thelist)
(letrec ((filter-inner (lambda (func thelist ans-list)
(cond ((equal? thelist '())
((func (car thelist))
(filter-inner func
(cdr thelist)
(append ans-list
(list (car thelist)))))
(filter-inner func
(cdr thelist)
(filter-inner func thelist '())))
; count the number of occurances of val in thelist
(define (count thelist val)
(length (filter (lambda (x)
(equal? x val))
; empty game layout to begin with (all are #f meaning all are unfilled)
(define initial-soln-space (list #f #f #f
#f #f #f
#f #f #f))
; toggle switch to alternate user's move and program's move.
; #t means the program shold make the next mark and #f means
; it is the user's turn. this is used in (ttt-solve) procedure
(define now-my-move #f)
; helper for (ttt-solved?)
(define (filled-and-equal? the-list three-indices)
(and (list-ref the-list (car three-indices))
(equal? (list-ref the-list (car three-indices))
(list-ref the-list (cadr three-indices))
(list-ref the-list (caddr three-indices)))))
; given a tic-tac-toe layout it determines whether
; the game is over, if so who won or was it a tie, or
; if the game is still unsolved
; return values:
; 'x - the program won
; 'y - the user won
; #t - it was a tie
; #f - game should still continue
(define (ttt-solved? soln-space)
(cond ((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(0 1 2))
(list-ref soln-space 0))
((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(3 4 5))
(list-ref soln-space 3))
((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(6 7 8))
(list-ref soln-space 6))
((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(0 3 6))
(list-ref soln-space 0))
((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(1 4 7))
(list-ref soln-space 1))
((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(2 5 8))
(list-ref soln-space 2))
((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(0 4 8))
(list-ref soln-space 0))
((filled-and-equal? soln-space '(2 4 6))
(list-ref soln-space 2))
((and-map I soln-space)
; procedure to display the solution space in a 3x3 matrix style
(define (display-or-space val)
(if val
(display val)
(display " ")))
(define (ttt-show soln-space)
(display "Computer's mark is x, user's mark is y:")
(newline) (newline)
(display " 0 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 0))
(display " |1 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 1))
(display " |2 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 2))
(display " --------+-------+-------")
(display " 3 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 3))
(display " |4 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 4))
(display " |5 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 5))
(display " --------+-------+-------")
(display " 6 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 6))
(display " |7 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 7))
(display " |8 ")
(display-or-space (list-ref soln-space 8))
; part of the strategy
(define (pick-random-move winning-moves)
(list-ref winning-moves (random (length winning-moves)
(seed->random-state (tms:clock (times))))))
; get the "other" mark. given 'x, return 'y and vice versa
(define (other mark)
(if (equal? mark 'x)
(define (list-set list idx val)
(let ((new-list (list-copy list)))
(list-set! new-list idx val)
(define (add-lists list-a list-b)
(list (+ (car list-a) (car list-b))
(+ (cadr list-a) (cadr list-b))
(+ (caddr list-a) (caddr list-b))))
(define Tx '(-1 0 0))
(define Ty '(0 -1 0))
(define Tt '(0 0 -1))
(define (try-move-deep soln-space mark idx)
(let* ((marked-soln-space (list-set soln-space idx mark))
(verdict (ttt-solved? marked-soln-space)))
(cond ((equal? verdict 'x)
((equal? verdict 'y)
((equal? verdict #t)
(reduce add-lists (filter list?
(get-moves marked-soln-space
(other mark))))))))
(define (try-move-shallow soln-space mark idx)
(let* ((marked-soln-space (list-set soln-space idx mark))
(verdict (ttt-solved? marked-soln-space)))
(cond ((equal? verdict 'x)
((equal? verdict 'y)
((equal? verdict #t)
(define (is-terminal? x)
(cond ((equal? x Tx) #t)
((equal? x Ty) #t)
((equal? x Tt) #t)
(else #f)))
(define (generate-soln-space soln-space mark try-move-fn)
(map (lambda (idx)
(let ((pos-val (list-ref soln-space idx)))
(if pos-val
(try-move-fn soln-space mark idx))))
(range 9)))
(define (determinalize x)
(cond ((equal? x Tx) '(1 0 0))
((equal? x Ty) '(0 0 1))
((equal? x Tt) '(0 1 0))
(else x)))
(define (get-moves soln-space mark)
(let ((shallow-soln-space (generate-soln-space soln-space
(if (is-terminal? (reduce (lambda (x y)
(if (is-terminal? x)
(map determinalize shallow-soln-space)
(generate-soln-space soln-space mark try-move-deep))))
(define (calc-weight triplet)
(if (= (caddr triplet) 0)
(caddr triplet)
(/ (car triplet)
(caddr triplet))))
(define (pick-best-move my-moves)
(let ((selected-moves '())
(selected-weight 0))
(for-each (lambda (idx)
(let ((val (list-ref my-moves idx)))
(if (list? val)
(let ((weight (calc-weight val)))
(cond ((= weight selected-weight)
(begin (set! selected-weight weight)
(set! selected-moves (append selected-moves
(list idx)))))
((> weight selected-weight)
(begin (set! selected-weight weight)
(set! selected-moves (list idx)))))))))
(range 9))
(pick-random-move selected-moves)))
; strategy function (decision maker)
(define (my-best-next-move soln-space)
(let* ((my-moves (get-moves soln-space 'x)))
(pick-best-move my-moves)))
; get move from user during her turn. and do basic
; validy that the move number is within 0-8 and
; that the input number does not already contain
; a previous move
(define (her-best-next-move soln-space)
(display "=====================\n")
(ttt-show soln-space)
(display "Enter index number for your move: ")
(let ((her-move (string->number (read-line))))
(if (or (not her-move)
(> her-move (- (length soln-space) 1))
(< her-move 0)
(list-ref soln-space her-move))
(display "Invalid move, try again!\n")
(her-best-next-move soln-space))
; the game loop
(define (ttt-solve soln-space)
(let ((winner (ttt-solved? soln-space)))
(if winner
(if now-my-move
(list-set! soln-space (my-best-next-move soln-space) 'x)
(list-set! soln-space (her-best-next-move soln-space) 'y))
(set! now-my-move (not now-my-move))
(ttt-solve soln-space)))))
; kick start
(define (main args)
(let ((verdict (ttt-solve initial-soln-space)))
(cond ((equal? verdict #t)
(display "No winner"))
((equal? verdict 'x)
(display "The computer won"))
((equal? verdict 'y)
(display "You won!"))
(display "I'm confused"))))