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An exploration of data centered around CPS.
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Chicago Public Schools Analysis

The goal of this project is to explore data related to the Chicago Public School system, focusing on School Progress Reports. The end product of this project is a series of visualizations that answer a question or series of related questions.

To get started go to this data set and then click on Visualize -> Create Visualization.

From there spend some time (maybe 30 minutes) learning the interface. Can you:

  • Make a scatter plot?
  • Make a histogram?
  • Apply a filter onto your plot?
  • Add appropriate axis labels to one of your plots?
  • Come up with a sentence or two that describes what the main takeaway of one of the previous plots is?
  • Save or publish your plot (this requires creating an account).

For those interested in ranking the schools, after doing the above do the following:

  • Inspect the data set and look for data columns you would use to rank schools. Make a list of these columns.
  • Suggest ways to combine the columns into a ranking.
  • Determine a way to open the data in a spreadsheet.
  • Create a new column in the spreadsheet that's based on your ranking.
  • Reevaluate what your next steps are!

For those who want a different project, once you're familiar with the data set, scan the below list of questions for one you would be interested in answering. When you find a question you would like to answer, do the following:

  • Look for the column(s) of data in the data set that would help answer your question.
  • Choose the type of plot you would like to make. For example, if you are looking at a relationship between two different things consider a scatter plot.
  • Create the visualization using the above methods.
  • Consider if you need to filter the data in any way.
  • Save or publish the results.


  • How well do selective enrollment schools succeed in enrolling their student into selective college in comparison to IB schools?
  • Does the school's ranking affect the students scores?
  • Does the zip code have any affect on the performance of a student?
  • How do immigrants’ high school success rate compare to an average student citizen?
  • What gender, between boys and girls, tend to read more and does that lead to higher test scores on standardized tests?
  • To what extent does the school type affect student performance?
  • How does the student attendance affect ACT growth in 11th grade?
  • Are 8th grade NWEA scores indicative of the success rate students will have in high school?
  • How does the teachers attendance effect the overall growth of a students NWEA scores?
  • Does Chicago Public Schools take into consideration the mental health of students when rating the school on its performance?
  • How does the amount of student write-ups affect the schools overall performance?
  • Is there a trend of students that increase/ grow from NWEA scores?
  • What impact does collaboration among teachers have on CPS students?
  • What impact may parental involvement have on a student's academic performance?
  • Do SATs scores reflect what students really know?
  • Does high school location affect college persistence?
  • Why do schools promote healthy eating but still give junk food?
  • Do standardized tests actually reflect on a student's academic ability?
  • Does the amount of students in a classroom affect academic growth?
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