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Directional Field Synthesis, Design, and Processing

This repository contains the material for the SIGGRAPH 2017 course. The repository contains course notes, slides (marked according to order), and demos. The course is given by Amir Vaxman, Marcel Campen, Daniele Panozzo, and Olga Diamanti, and was created in collaboration with Klaus Hildebrandt, David Bommes, and Mirela Ben-Chen.

The first edition of this course appeared as a State-of-the-art report in Eurographics 2016, and the previous edition as a SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 course. A shorter version was given at the SGP 2017 graduate school (folder SGPSummerSchool)

This course was given at the SGP 2021 summer school, with the new version in the SGP2021SuumerSchool folder. The demos are given from Directional, and are 201, 302, 303 and 401 from the tutorial.

The course notes and slides can be found in the respective folders.


To get the library, use:

git clone --recursive

to compile the examples, go into the respective library (e.g., demos/2-sampling) and enter:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../

The demos are using the libdirectional library that is automatically submoduled to this course (be sure to clone this repository recursively as explained above).

##Course Schedule

The course will follow the following schedule, spanning 3:15 hours with a break in the middle:

  1. Introduction - Marcel Campen.
  2. Applications - Daniele Panozzo (including instant meshes demo).
  3. Taxonomy - Amir Vaxman.
  4. Discretization - Amir Vaxman (including sampling demo).
  5. Representation - Marcel Campen.


  1. Objectives and Constraints - Olga Diamanti and Amir Vaxman (including libdirectional demos)
  2. Visualization - Amir Vaxman (including visualization demo).
  3. Open Problems - Amir Vaxman.



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