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FEEF-A 2019 by Daniel Schine Lee
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avd presents FEEF-A 2019, a new digital work by Seoul and London based artist Daniel Schine Lee. Specifically designed for mobile devices; users can view the work by going to this website on a smartphone.

FEEF-A 2019 is a digital performance framed within a game. The artist will kick-off and the host (avd) will respond. A short football video will be uploaded once a day for a month; each clip being a response to the previous one and in turn creating a one-two between the artist and the host.

Borrowing concepts from football, a tactical game, and Instagram’s ‘Story’ feature, the intention behind this mobile-based exhibition is to perform daily exchanges of materials between the artist and the host throughout the duration of the show. Viewers can click left or right to move back and forward through the sequence of clips and see how the narrative progresses.

The purpose is not to win the match but to observe its development at every moment. The back-and-forward nature of the work allows for tactical mindfulness to come into play, where each party can attempt to steer the game in a certain direction.

To view the work please go to on a smartphone.

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