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What is it?

You can't do too much at the moment, but as I learn more about React, I'm hoping I can add more functionality. Currently you can only Marvel Comics events, and the see characters involved, I'm hoping to expand this in the future.

The plan is to hopefully add a second section that relates to character searching, though the Marvel API itself is pretty limited to what information you can expect to receive, mostly they're related to the specific comic entries.

There's also the regular website things to fix like the favicon logo, meta-data, etc.

It's important to note, that due to the way Marvel's API works, it's limited to 3000 API calls a day, which is actually not that much, especially when you factor in that most actions on the app, make an API call.

Still it's for learning, so there's nothing wrong with that :)

Why build it?

The app was created, both as a way to practice with React.js and learn more about using APIs, I decided to build Marvel-Discover, alongside the general React course I'm learning.

I also wanted to explore a little more on Soft-Design, so the CSS (mostly made from Flexbox, and using React's CSS Modules) borrows heavily from this new style.

Technologies used

  • React.js
  • React-Router-Dom
  • CSS Modules
  • Framer-Motion
  • Axios
  • Marvel API


A simple react app created that uses the Marvel API to pull in data.




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