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Commits on May 10, 2015
  1. ignore Phoenix deps dir in Vim

  2. Keep longer vim history

  3. Enable ctrlp tag search in vim

  4. Improve React snippets

  5. Update vim dictionaries

  6. Do install docs for gems

  7. Set Bundler gem defaults

Commits on Feb 26, 2015
  1. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-jsx/' changes from d6bb935..efb24f4

    efb24f4 Merge pull request #24 from ingara/master
    faf509a Escape filename when sourcing config file
    e7784d1 Fix ext detection in syntax
    6118a4d Enable JSX syntax/indent for .jsx files
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-jsx
    git-subtree-split: efb24f487f4a61f9113fa4b2b64fe3ab5a030500
  2. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-gitgutter/' changes from 83ace20..061258e

    061258e Add note about solarized-dark.
    e5efbaf Fix Markdown typo.
    6b8e908 Enable `.` command to work with staging/reverting hunks.
    25257c4 Dealt with the case where the preview window is used by another plugin
    2c8e82a Add another note for Fish users to README.
    1a68abe Update caveat about visual artefacts.
    88c7916 Use system() with silent to avoid visual artifact
    57342e3 Minor refactor.
    7ff7455 Add tests for ambiguous filenames.
    f73df41 Handle files with the same name as revisions.
    83309ee Cache the fact that a file is known to git.
    7f70d52 Refactor the test cleanup.
    d56d26b Test runner's exit code reports number of failures.
    af1f405 Add test for filenames with square brackets.
    a114088 Support symlinked files.
    4ca2de6 More tests.
    6cef76a Add tests.
    dfe985a Use buffer numbers instead of buffer names.
    ce4e3d7 Add test for sign column.
    6d91198 Drop extension for bash script.
    d7a1785 Add test for reverting hunks.
    e5add67 Use clearer file extensions for test files.
    1f2bb48 Add test for hunk staging.
    dd05453 Allow multiple expectations per test.
    86cde1a Add basic test stats.
    d24686e Extract name manipulation.
    7d0492e Add section on limitations of current tests.
    4ad4c97 DRY quitting vim after each test.
    b9f4173 Refactor tests to be isolated.
    a82bc50 Ignore test output.
    09134a5 Add basic tests.
    b0e9efa Make realtime diff use git-diff.
    39f0119 Whitespace.
    067160c Remove obsolete comment.
    e5eb9e6 Fix staging of hunks coming after deleted lines.
    1e82019 Ensure closing preview window deletes previewed buffer.
    198faa1 Report updatetime option in debugging buffer.
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-gitgutter
    git-subtree-split: 061258e04476c0f9f653a969e640bf03b3659594
  3. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vimux/' changes from 1c3ca9e..a991ce8

    a991ce8 Merge pull request #116 from hpurmann/VimuxRunCommandInDir
    7b655a7 Going back to formerly active directory after running command
    50254fa Merge pull request #112 from kavinderd/patch-1
    01c0679 Added VimuxRunCommandInDir + doc
    be6b83c Merge pull request #114 from mxie/mx-fix-optional-prompt-arg
    d21337e Check for a predefined command for prompt before executing
    c56e3f7 Merge pull request #113 from m42e/master
    5a530ca Updated documentation for VimuxPromptCommand
    a772fce Removed Debug Output
    d78cd0f Predefined command option for VimuxPromptCommand
    ab6941c Add Vundle installation instructions
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vimux
    git-subtree-split: a991ce8abdea28ff5ab0adb314d33abe67e13409
  4. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-unimpaired/' changes from 073225c..354…

    3548479 Merge pull request #82 from blueyed/f-dont-ignore-case
    9512b09 Do not ignore case with `[f` and `]f`
    1bf6f16 Merge pull request #80 from tommcdo/master
    002ca27 Use filenames relative to cwd for [f and ]f
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-unimpaired
    git-subtree-split: 3548479cc154154cbdbb6737ca08a47937cc7113
  5. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-textobj-user/' changes from 2ff5ddd..9…

    9aa5fd0 Merge branch 'prepare-for-0.6.4'
    7c71aa6 Bump up version to 0.6.4
    69b6eb4 Add release notes on 0.6.4
    2bf18f7 Merge branch 'fix-single-character-objects'
    ff8d4f8 Fix to correctly select a single-charcter object
    b6ae440 Add tests for single-character objects
    5256321 Merge branch 'fix-readme'
    156a6b6 Fix example key mappings to match description
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-textobj-user
    git-subtree-split: 9aa5fd050ecce650fb7ff018397e73a66a41c76b
  6. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-textobj-ruby/' changes from 665a945..9…

    9f91e3a Merge pull request #2 from pocke/on_empty_line
    4f77290 enable to work on empty line.
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-textobj-ruby
    git-subtree-split: 9f91e3a7e679dc20fd7a8fe77082da36ffa6cbf9
  7. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-surround/' changes from fa433e0..ec579a5

    ec579a5 Merge pull request #131 from shanesmith/master
    5d6b91c Keep HTML attributes when changing tags
    fd75eb2 surround.vim 2.1
    6afb2d9 Merge pull request #158 from itspriddle/patch-1
    7e8f414 Fix typo in `repeat#set` call
    6e0a168 Merge pull request #96 from jwhitley/john/cS
    5211890 Update documentation for 'cS'
    86f6aca Add support for 'cS' per issue 48
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-surround
    git-subtree-split: ec579a50478758ee6cebe265cf536f9a2f6c4e34
  8. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-ruby/' changes from 5bc55be..01657cc

    01657cc More complicated matchit end-pattern
    58d5306 Spellchecking strings with a setting
    4661bf7 Revert "Letting VIM spell check regular strings"
    243d021 Merge pull request #240 from roryokane/eruby-indent-sw-0
    cde61fa Fix eruby indentation when 'shiftwidth' is 0
    9d95f29 Set correct "shiftwidth" value
    b27a75b Support Rails html+tablet style extensions
    5e429a5 Merge pull request #233 from ceigel/master
    0559b47 Move reading count at the begining of searchsyn
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-ruby
    git-subtree-split: 01657cc9d9fc93590104af0f5aaa6897caa4af11
  9. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-rake/' changes from 13533d9..afd766e

    afd766e rake.vim 2.0
    7e81246 Add missing abort flags
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-rake
    git-subtree-split: afd766e87bc6d01eebc967218a41253f6161d306
  10. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-repeat/' changes from 2a3c5f8..d9fbf5a

    d9fbf5a Merge pull request #42 from Konfekt/patch-2
    88e7d7e remove trailing spaces in remaps
    4895d90 Merge pull request #41 from Konfekt/patch-2
    cffb2e7 more convenient remapping by using <plug> mappings
    b06684a Merge pull request #39 from wellle/feedkeys-i
    ad89be2 Pass flag 'i' to feedkeys() calls
    bd3b517 Merge pull request #37 from justinmk/fix703
    006694e Fix condition for Vim <= 7.3
    7f09c18 Merge pull request #36 from justinmk/norm
    193f486 Use :norm for Vim 7.3.100 or later
    b6bdd0f Merge pull request #35 from wilywampa/invalidate
    80261bc Fix invalidate() being overridden by autocmd
    5eba0f1 Make repeat#wrap open a fold if &foldopen contains 'all'
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-repeat
    git-subtree-split: d9fbf5a137773c3737cf5f0cdfc3e155c393b96d
  11. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-rails/' changes from 1b0408b..6d21bd0

    6d21bd0 Work around broken findfile() on OS X default Vim
    d9a612b Don't add .rb for gf in JavaScript files
    20eeb43 Merge pull request #386 from tomasv/features/rspec-any-instance-syntax
    2ea34e8 Highlight `expect_any_instance_of` and `allow_any_instance_of` as test methods.
    5f9da92 Document {} expansions in projections
    f2743fc Warn about deprecated :R commands
    4a3ad6e Update view helpers for Rails 4.2
    de88478 Tweak database URL logic
    b5ccdb4 Merge pull request #356 from igas/add-xit-syntax
    c414aae Expose database URL
    668a245 Fix asset filename
    a560ec9 Better gf for assets
    60ca6e0 Restore engine querying
    93bee7b Look in app/assets for gf on javascript or stylesheet
    9724969 Merge pull request #372 from glittershark/highlight-with-options
    e7ccbbd Highlight `with_options`
    9873117 Merge pull request #371 from glittershark/highlight-concerning
    6a9fc59 Fix copy/paste flub
    c65766e Move rails_helper.rb from :Espec to :Eintegrationtest
    fdde033 Merge pull request #382 from brandoncc/master
    34aefab Support rails_helper.rb from rspec 3
    e13ee81 Return empty dict if no app for rails#app()
    22650de Support rails-default-database for dbext config
    5f517db Expose db config independently of dbext
    18b5806 Merge pull request #377 from cbartlett/master
    6c4623f Add job navigation command
    4d9b29e Highlight `concering` everywhere
    f7d264f Use rake compiler plugin
    a11905b Remove stray endif
    9ec44f4 Merge pull request #365 from teoljungberg/patch-1
    9bc5057 Try `bin/rails` before `script/rails`
    fda0d5b Don't add e to o pluralizations
    3dce466 add rspec xit keyword
    075a010 Merge pull request #355 from glittershark/view-spec-render-highlighting
    2153c48 Highlight methods for view specs
    9124863 Merge pull request #354 from glittershark/shared-examples-highlighting
    4b2aec9 Highlighting of additional shared_examples methods
    32c0d11 Fix escaping
    afbe19d More robust :Rlog
    7ac6b0b Support app/views/application
    b09af99 Merge pull request #345 from fishbullet/fix_console_ternary
    c8322da fix ternary operator in :Rscript
    c406fb7 Fix alternate from mailer view to mailer
    7840ba3 Fix whitespace issue in error format
    f5d3186 Fix :Rails new with %s in 'shellpipe'
    5e76384 Improve support for variants
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-rails
    git-subtree-split: 6d21bd0d90ab4b27581cbe834397f503ea115565
  12. Squashed 'home/.vim/bundle/vim-jade/' changes from f0ca7b5..437ce86

    437ce86 Quick fix for css syntax highlighting
    5f907c2 Merge pull request #59 from geigerzaehler/dash-keyword
    5773636 Keywords can contain dash
    185e609 Merge pull request #58 from JelteF/unescaped-interpolate
    f48bb79 Also match unescaped interpolation syntax
    3ef8257 Merge pull request #56 from Z1MM32M4N/fix/block_comments
    cc4e2f6 Add missing external match group for block comment
    f21ee49 Add block comments fixes #55
    git-subtree-dir: home/.vim/bundle/vim-jade
    git-subtree-split: 437ce8608b8cc347ab790d98b09bf4461a2de8f2
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