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A tiny javascript utility belt

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A tiny javascript utility belt

Mutil is a micro-framework, a collection of helper functions that you often
need. Full-blown frameworks like jQuery can be overkill for minor scripting
tasks. Mutil is light-weight but still provides some useful functions for
functional programming and dealing with DOM events across browsers.

Mutil does not do Ajax, advanced templating, advanced selectors or animation.
If you need any of those, you're better off going with jQuery or some other
full-blown framework.

NOTE: Mutil does not implement all the advanced javascript functions that are
found in modern browsers, but not in IE. Although it mimicks some of these,
some are intentionally left out to stay lean.

Author:  Arjan van der Gaag (
Date:    2011-07-06
License: MIT License
More information:

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