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  • Respect max_level setting in human-readable table of contents
  • Use default configuration when no config.yml file can be found
  • Allow passing in custom configuration file in compile command with -c option
  • Bugfix: count ePub table of contents order from 1, not from 0
  • Output clean command warnings on stderr, not stdout
  • Round readability statistics from stats command
  • Bugfix: let stats command consider less than one page still one page, not 0 pages


  • Generate ePub table of contents from markdown headings
  • Expanded documentation with configuration reference
  • Enhanced .mobi compatibility (convert your .epub with kindlegen)


  • Only run simplecov on demand
  • Automatically find and include embedded fonts
  • Filter input through typogruby
  • Added stats commands


  • Bugfix: allow multiple headings per chapters in outline
  • Bugfix: use correct id method, renamed to xml_id
  • Various documentation improvements
  • Added MIT license
  • Added code coverage reports (Ruby 1.9 only)
  • Improved test suite


  • Prefixed book query methods with has_?
  • Added generate command
  • Use inline styles for preview file
  • Allow font embedding
  • Improved tests
  • Remove mention of validate command


  • Initial gem release