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=== 0.10.1 / 2009-09-30
* 4 minor enhancements:
* On Ruby 1.8.7+ allow #pop and #shift in Collection to work with
multiple entries.
* Added NullOperation condition
* Added Resource#destroyed?
* Updated ManyToMany::Collection#intermediaries to be public
* 6 bug fixes:
* Fixed Query::Path to work with .like
* Replaced usage of base64 lib with pack/unpack
* Ensure the correct ordering of links for more complex joins
* Simplified SELECT query generation
* Simplified Relationship inheritance by subclasses
* Ensure options allow an Array of Symbols for :unique,
and :unique_index
=== 0.10.0 / 2009-09-15
* Countless enhancements:
* Total rewrite of most of dm-core, including YARD docs for more
than half the methods and ~90% coverage of code. More to be done
but this is a great start.
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