Rose colored stained glass windows for HTTP
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Leadlight Build Status

Rose colored stained glass windows for HTTP.


Progressive enhancement for HTTP APIs

Don't cover up the web; just fill in the gaps here and there. Make it easy to add links and other affordances API publishers might have forgotten.

Model RESTful APIs as a web of links

Don't try to make the web look like a database.

Representations over resources

Resources are the server's job to worry about. The things we get back from a server are representations. Take representations at face value and interpret them sensibly, rather than trying to fit them into a client-side model of an imaginary server-side object graph.

Support current and emerging standards

Such as the Link header, URI templates, PATCH, ETags, and JSON-schema.

Sensible defaults

Always try to convert representations returned by the server into a form that is useful to the programmer--whether that is a Hash parsed from JSON data, a Nokogiri document, or a text string.

Backend agnostic

Using the power of Faraday.


Only raise exceptions in API calls which explicitly request them. Provide ample information to explain the cause of a failure.


Architected from the ground up with asynchrony in mind. It's easier to build a synchronous API on top of an async one than vice-versa.

Controlled abstraction leakage

All abstractions are leaky. Provide ample and convenient access points into the guts of the request lifecycle for situations when the defaults are not sufficient.


Code quality is important. Code Climate keeps a close eye on Leadlight instilling confidence and showing how any technical debt can be paid down.


gem 'leadlight'


See leadlight_spec.rb for now.