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Commits on Sep 12, 2012
Fneufneu [FreeBSD] implement CCPUInfo::getCPUFrequency cebf79d
Fneufneu [FreeBSD] implement m_cpuModel and m_cpuCount 2def42c
Fneufneu [FreeBSD] implement CCPUInfo::readProcStat d10fa2b
Commits on Sep 28, 2012
@avdleeuw [PVR] Change keyboard.xml to PVR related MCE key combinations 6578d77
Commits on Oct 01, 2012
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: merge Player.Move(Left|Right|Up|Down) into Player.Move with …
…"direction" parameter
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: merge Player.Zoom(In|Out) into Player.Zoom with "zoom" param…
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: merge Player.(Un)Shuffle into Player.SetShuffle with "shuffl…
…e" parameter
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: rename Player.Repeat to Player.SetRepeat with "repeat" param…

In addition to "off", "one" and "all" the "repeat" parameter can also take
"cycle" as a value to cycle through the three repeat states.
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: merge Player.Go(Previous|Next|To) into Player.GoTo with "to"…
… parameter
@fetzerch fetzerch [pvr] Icon, thumbnail and fanart support for recordings 89e166f
@fetzerch fetzerch [pvr] Recording images code cosmetics ec60b99
@fetzerch fetzerch [pvr] Api version bump for recording images bced8b5
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [Peripheral] Cosmetics: Update outdated comment in PeripheralBus.h 5465992
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [Peripheral] Fix early lock.Leave() in UnregisterRemovedDevices in Pe…
…ripheralBus.cpp and call OnDeviceRemoved for devices with features.

CriticalSection was unlocked inside 'for', could potentially cause problem in case that other thread change list of peripheral.
OnDeviceRemoved wasn't called for devices with type == UNKNOWN even if device is mapped to something with usable feature.
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [GUI] Add new setting for disabling Joystick with iMON 2d2e9b8
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [win32] Input: Make WINJoystick initialization multithread-safe 97b509b
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [Peripheral] Add iMON to PeripheralTypes.h 291e5fc
Commits on Oct 02, 2012
@wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] fixed: ClogInit would crash on smb:// paths (i.e. if appdata …
…is on an unc share). Should handle #13366.
@huceke huceke [windowing/egl] fixed log message 67585c9
@Memphiz Memphiz [osx/ios/atv2] - sync xcode projects (add AddonsOperations.cpp/.h) c6be0ed
@Montellese Montellese StringUtils: fix Format/FormatV
variadic arguments do not work when the last defined parameter is not a
value type (see e.g.
Therefore use const char* instead of const std::string& for the format
@Memphiz Memphiz [pictures] - fix - when rotating the slideshowpicture and trigger ano…
…ther rotation while rotation animation is still running - add left animation time to the new animation for getting the correct angle at end of animation)
@Memphiz Memphiz [cosmetic] - removed commented code 7278ab6
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: fix bad "total" property of a returned list of items (fixes …
@Memphiz Memphiz [picture] - make the fix work on different angles and directions 195507e
@Montellese Montellese smartplaylist: fix "Browse" functionality for certain rules/fields fo…
…r video items
Jim Carroll [fix] python object memory leak when we fail on an attempt to coerce …
…a python unicode to a string.
Commits on Oct 03, 2012
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed - check for a recording tag instead of checking the path …
…in CGUIWindowPVRCommon::PlayFile(). fixes dialog popping up that a channel can't be played when selecting a recording. closes trac 13373
@t-nelson t-nelson Fix inf. loop in OnJumpLetter() after 9e16ec 58d3e4d
@t-nelson t-nelson Allow OnJumpLetter() to skip to the next item on a miss.
In addition to the old behavior we can cycle, eg all items starting with
an 'a' by repeatedly typing 'A'.
Jonathan Marshall faster scrolling in smaller lists ed9d456
@Montellese Montellese videodb: only set playcount, lastplayed, dateadded and resume propert…
…ies in GetFileInfo() if they aren't already set
@wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] fixed logging. 88dff97
@wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] fixed: cpluff wasn't able to scan directories via smb. I dunn…
…o why we used to set url.Setfilename to "" as with smb paths the filename contains also the path and thus the path was deleted. Milkdrop still works fine with this change so I assume it isn't needed anymore. Addons still doesn't work when the profile dir is on an unc path.
@avdleeuw [PVR] Change to make switching channels behave better fd5c73b
@t-nelson t-nelson Add support for scanning subepisodes into the video library
This enables us to detect/enumerate tv eps named like Show.s01e01a.*,
Show.1x1.2, etc (mostly kiddie shows I'd think). It still uses the
per-season aired order number after the initial enumeration, so no db
changes were necessary.
@t-nelson t-nelson Merge pull request #1481 from t-nelson/subepisode_support
Subepisode support
@davilla davilla include cleanup 6274eb5
@twinther twinther Use RSS channel image if the RSS item doesn't have one 138c87c
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1528 from twinther/rss-reuse-thumbnail
Use RSS channel image if the RSS item doesn't have one
@popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Support the split gui/display resolution. Gui is limited to 720…
…p. Display can be 1080p. Remove temporary hack of downsizing the textures.
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: fix memory leak (and SQL connection leak) in CFileItemHandle…
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [Peripheral] Add iMON to peripherals.xml cf70586
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [Peripheral] Add new class 'PeripheralImon' 3c1e886
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [Peripheral] Add PeripheralImon to Peripherals.cpp 5102dc2
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [Input] Use new Joystick settings when Enabling/Disabling joystick de5f9c4
@Karlson2k Karlson2k [GUI] Fix reseting to first page in GUIWindowSettingsCategory on Upda…
…te message
@huceke huceke Merge pull request #1529 from popcornmix/master
[rbp] Support the split gui/display resolution.
@Montellese Montellese StringUtils: remove unnecessary range checks on unsigned value f122e08
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1526 from jmarshallnz/speedy_gonzales
faster scrolling in smaller lists
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1189 from Karlson2k/Blacklist_Problem_Imon
[win32] Fix for problematic iMON hardware
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1455 from fetzerch/feature-pvr-recordingimages
[pvr] Added Icon, thumbnail and fanart support for recordings
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] bump xbmc-pvr-addons for darwin depends 35d401b
Commits on Oct 04, 2012
@opdenkamp opdenkamp store the timezone bias in a static, so we don't call GetTimeZoneInfo…
…rmation() on each conversion (it's slow)
@opdenkamp opdenkamp reset the cached timezone bias value when the timezone changed on linux 16466cf
@Montellese Montellese Merge pull request #1507 from Montellese/jsonrpc_player_cleanup
jsonrpc: cleanup methods in Player namespace
@Fneufneu Fneufneu Merge pull request #1519 from Fneufneu/freebsd_cpu
Freebsd cpu infos
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1500 from avdleeuw/pvrkeymapping
[PVR] Change keyboard.xml to PVR related MCE key combinations
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1531 from opdenkamp/tzconversion
cache timezone bias
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1497 from avdleeuw/switch
[PVR] Change channelswitching through OSD to be consistent with channel