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Commits on Oct 26, 2012
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [cec] fixed - suppress activate source messages on OnPlay after recei…
…ving OnStop, so the next item in a playlist doesn't send another active source message
Commits on Oct 27, 2012
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed possible deadlock in CPVRChannel::UpdatePath() 0a53673
@alcoheca alcoheca upnp: server should hold a lock while caching 1d61593
Jonathan Marshall fix WMA tags (title, track, replaygain + picture) fc2e0af
Jonathan Marshall fixes MP4 art 1d85cfe
Jonathan Marshall reduce the log spam from the taglib tag loaders - enable by setting l…
…oglevel to 3 in advancedsettings.xml
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1681 from Red-F/post_refactor
Fix CCurlFile::Get()
@xhaggi xhaggi [pvr] remember selected item position per group in channel-osd 4d8e925
Jonathan Marshall adds CTextureCache::CanCacheImageURL for testing whether an image:// …
…URL may be cached on demand
Jonathan Marshall adds unit test for CTextureCache::GetWrappedImageURL a5d8039
Jonathan Marshall use CURL for creating wrapped URLs to make sure they are consistent. …
…Fixes embedded music thumbs not being available via JSON-RPC
Jonathan Marshall update old embedded music and video art URLs in the databases 481bb8e
Jonathan Marshall remove temporary workaround for music images in the image handler - t…
…hey're integrated into the texturecache now
@wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] fixed a crash in WinSystemWin32.cpp if no monitor is attached. 7495d78
@huceke huceke [omxplayer] fixed only use the new logic from 130bd4e for mpeg1/2. Th…
…is fixes #13450
@huceke huceke Merge pull request #1668 from popcornmix/master
[rbp] Always use the aspect ratio from file.
Jonathan Marshall set image:// URLs to use encoded hostnames, thus allowing CURL to tak…
…e care of the encoding/decoding
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1687 from jmarshallnz/fix_image_urls
Fix embedded image urls
Commits on Oct 28, 2012
Jonathan Marshall consider only songs when assigning art once the tag loader has run - …
…fixes folder.jpg not being used correctly in file mode.
Jonathan Marshall consider all 16x9 images greater than or equal to the <fanartres>, ra…
…ther than only images equal to <fanartres> when resizing fanart
Jonathan Marshall get rid of unused <dvdthumbs> advancedsetting ba2e866
Jonathan Marshall adds XMLUtils::GetUInit with max/min checks 2c56395
Jonathan Marshall makes fanartres and thumbres advancedsettings unsigned (fixes compile…
… warning)
Jonathan Marshall fixed setting property fanart_image from python 8ab4836
Jonathan Marshall use HasArt() rather than CFile::Exists() for checking art in the vide…
…o info dialog
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] give the movie "Sets" node more Movie type views …
…(not the meta data ones)
Jonathan Marshall online album art was used if local art existed, rather than vice-vers…
…a. Fixes #13453
@Memphiz Memphiz [osx/ios/atv2] - don't build the legacy interface via make in the xco…
…de prebuilt step. This leads to broken vtables because of different buildsettings in xcode and make. Instead only build the python_bindings.a (code generation) via make and pull the legacy interface into xcode. This fixes subtitle addon on ios release builds and a dozen of other problems we didn't see yet. Thx @jcarroll to pointing it out.
@Memphiz Memphiz [darwin] - bump libcdio to latest 0.90 - fixes issues on mountain lion 4d12709
@wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] fix path for dos style paths. b847aaf
@wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] fixed: missing ogg.dll, vorbis.dll and vorbisenc.dll in night…
…lies due to a missing directory.
@alanwww1 alanwww1 [lang] October update of core language files 1aff84f
@alanwww1 alanwww1 [lang] October update of skin.confluence language files 0ba6d6a
Jonathan Marshall select settings with lvalues should store the index rather than the l…
…ocalized string
@alanwww1 alanwww1 [lang] October update of internal addon language files 407596c
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed CPVRChannelGroup::SearchAndSetChannelIcons() after fef3f3a 08e58ee
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed possible deadlock from OnPlay and OnStop announcements in…
… PerformChannelSwitch after 7266a86. the announcements are now sent by the pvrmanager's bg thread
@opdenkamp opdenkamp woops, forgot to remove from beca8d8 3bf5f70
Commits on Oct 29, 2012
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1691 from jmarshallnz/select_settings
select settings with lvalues should store the index rather than the localized string
@pieh pieh fix content dialog not selecting scraper for current path after 267305b
…, closes #13461
@pieh pieh Merge pull request #1608 from pieh/xp_context_menu
CGUIWindow::Initialize fixes/changes
@alcoheca alcoheca upnp: missing flac support in UPnPRenderer e6ce087
@Montellese Montellese builtins: fix RunAddon() forwarding to RunScript() for weather/subtit…
…les/lyrics scripts
@Montellese Montellese builtins: fall back to RunPlugin() for plugins in RunAddon() e1569f0
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1620 from xhaggi/pvr
[pvr] better usability while selecting channel groups within channel osd
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] usage of some Icon art vs Poster art a5e93f9
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] bump android and darwin pvr add-ons 95ce285
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] enable --enable-addons-with-dependencies for osx/ios e35a98f
@Montellese Montellese fix window id's in comments in CApplication::Initialize() 7be2901
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] show the fanart view for movie sets 21dc3a2
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed wrong path history when switching views 3d569bf
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] don't log failing signal quality updates 43b384a
spiff [pvr] fixed: remove internal parent folder handling in PVRRecordings.…
… closes #13317
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed - don't close the player when the switch failed, but disp…
…lay a notification instead. closes #13359
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed possible deadlock in CPVRChannelGroup::ResetChannelNumber…
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed - also map ACTION_PREVIOUS_MENU to g_windowManager.Previo…
…usWindow() in CGUIWindowPVRCommon::OnAction(). closes #13313
Jonathan Marshall cosmetic: remove those nicely fixed up comments to avoid them being w…
…rong again
Jonathan Marshall fix invalid XML comment 97d3c60
Jonathan Marshall [pvr] No need to override OnAction when the base classes handle it 95a4e39
Jonathan Marshall no need to override base class implementations that do nothing other …
…than call the baseclass
Jonathan Marshall ACTION_PARENT_DIR means exactly that - it does not go back a window f1585be
Jonathan Marshall don't store thumbs for empty paths which are obviously invalid. Fixes…
… #13454
Jonathan Marshall pull in the tested commit. pull in the tested commit. 2d1d23b
@mikrohard mikrohard CDatabase::CommitInsertQueries() - only return false on error 8af783b
@mikrohard mikrohard PVRDatabase - add the return value of CommitInsertQueries() to bReturn 09b406e
@mikrohard mikrohard Fix channel moving after f679b31 a7559a4
@mikrohard mikrohard Extend out of range check for iNewChannelNumber
This prevents a crash if someone would try to move a channel to number 0
@Montellese Montellese CMusicInfoScanner: always send GUI_MSG_SCAN_FINISHED a00fab6
@Montellese Montellese CVideoInfoScanner: make sure to update any active listing after a fin…
…ished scan

Originally this was done in CGUIDialogVideoScan which was replaced by
CGUIDialogExtendedProgressBar in 79ed7ae but the code to invalidate the
videodatabase cache and to update any currently active listing was lost.
Jonathan Marshall announce VideoLibrary.OnScanFinished once the Eden->Frodo video art u…
…pdate has complete to make sure art updates (e.g. recently added)
@Montellese Montellese Merge pull request #1698 from Montellese/videoscanner_fix_refresh
Fix refreshing of active media listings after a library update
@alcoheca alcoheca upnp: fixed missing thumbs for library://video paths 1a0417f
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1697 from jmarshallnz/pvr_cleanup
[pvr] cleanup some actions/functions that the base classes take care of
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1695 from mikrohard/pvr-channel-moving
Pvr channel moving
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1685 from opdenkamp/pvraddons
[pvr] bump android and darwin pvr add-ons
@Montellese Montellese CSmartPlaylistRule: remove unneeded parameters in GetLocalizedRule() …
…and GetParameter()
@Montellese Montellese CSmartPlaylistRule: add SetParameter() methods 7c5cca4
@Montellese Montellese CGUIDialogSmartPlaylistRule: allow manual typing of the value of a br…
…owsable field
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: fix waking up from DPMS on Input method requests 663ab0c
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1701 from Montellese/xsp_editor_browsable
Restore possibility to type in the value field of a smartplaylist rule for browsable fields
Jonathan Marshall clear out the art in FreeIcons - fixes Player.Art(fanart) et. al. not…
… clearing
@Memphiz Memphiz [afpfs-ng] - add patch for fixing some more spaghetti pointer arithme…
…tic - fixes afp on 64bit builds - also sync patches to lib/afpfs-ng (for building on linux)
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
Jim Carroll [fix] closes 13325. Make sure the main app loop keeps running. fcc1090
@Montellese Montellese CStackDirectory: add GetPaths() and make ConstructStackPath() static 66ea76d
@Montellese Montellese URIUtils: add UpdateUrlEncoding 9c0fc99
@Montellese Montellese [test] add unit test for URIUtils::UpdateUrlEncoding cbfaa76
@Montellese Montellese videodb: translate filenames/paths to not URL encode -_.!() (fixes #1…
@Montellese Montellese musicdb: translate filenames/paths to not URL encode -_.!() a14a1c9
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] make m_cellHeight actually reference the cell height, and hav…
…e the padded version be generated by a function
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] remove unused, local m_cellWidth variable d3b11cb
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] protect against accessing memory or textures outside of their…
… bounds - fixes #11015
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] no need to clamp ch->offsetY at 0 now that the real culprit i…
…s found
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] remove commented logging statement 590498e
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] always offset by the border size, so that we get correct alig…
…nment of font and bordered font in the cases where the border has a hight ascender. Closes #10549
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] rewrite the computations for m_cellHeight and m_cellBaseLine …
…so that they ensure no truncation takes place. Fixes #11855.
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] get rid of unused constant of 72/72 in font sizing calculations 158267e
Jonathan Marshall [fonts] make the space between characters in the texture a static con…
…stant and reduce the gap vertically now that the truncation issues have been fixed
spiff fixed: initialize log level to normal or we end up with no logging
regression after ee17b9c
@koying koying FIX: Add missing "Play with" to playlist viewers 5f822c4
arnova fixed: webdav filesystem was broken since 84813db. Doing SetMimeType(…
…) and SetRequestHeader(content-type,..) is the same thing, setting it more than once is not allowed. This was never detected before since SetMimeType() was previously broken
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [cec] mapped some unmapped buttons c16ecac
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [keymap] changed fullscreen mapping of 'select' to OSD, so it does th…
…e same as the enter key does. on some TVs, you need to go through a little OSD menu first to send a 'menu' keypress over CEC, which makes OSD access more annoying
spiff fixed: make sure to grab the xbmc.python.script extension point when …
…executing a script

add-ons with multiple extension points would fail as it would always grab
the first one.
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [cec] bump to libCEC 2.0.3 f7116e6
spiff fixed: properly ignore system.logoff builtin if login screen is deact…
spiff fixed: move LoadProfile to app messenger to avoid threading issues
lots of reports about 'LoadProfile' crashing. this should shut them up
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1708 from cptspiff/profile_load_through_messenger
fixed: move LoadProfile to app messenger to avoid threading issues
Jim Carroll Relative paths to typemaps work from arbitrary locations now. As long…
… as the classpath is correct.
@davilla davilla [ios] fixed buildslave build, add keychain unload script 87e40db
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1705 from cptspiff/fix_multiple_ext_points
fixed: make sure to grab the xbmc.python.script extension point
spiff remove unused code 8998da6
spiff die compiler warnings die 3142ddd
spiff added: update taglib instructions for quantal 29b9804
spiff fixed: wrong log statements 8845033
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1699 from Montellese/db_path_13433
videodb: translate filenames/paths from to not URL encode -_.!()
Jonathan Marshall change GetCachedImage to return CTextureDetails, fixes local art not …
…being checked periodically, as the hash from the database was never returned.
Jonathan Marshall adds routine to classify art into poster or banner based on aspect ratio 70638e4
Jonathan Marshall when finding video art where we don't want a generic 'thumb', use the…
… size of local art to classify 'thumb' into the correct types (poster/banner)
Jonathan Marshall don't set the 'thumb' art type if not found during video scan 66e43a3
Jonathan Marshall don't have a 'thumb' art type for movies, shows, sets, or musicvideos 0c6bf46
Jonathan Marshall add in any art found in the database in addition to the known art typ…
…es in the Choose Art dialog
Jonathan Marshall if no poster or banner exists, but a thumb does, then list that when …
…choosing poster or banner
Jonathan Marshall when updating video art from Eden, correctly assign to banner or post…
…er based on aspect ratio
Jonathan Marshall update the pre-Frodo art in the database to poster/banner based on as…
…pect ratio
Jonathan Marshall move tvshowthumb and seasonthumb ListItem.Art to tvshow.thumb and sea…
…son.thumb, making tvshow.poster/banner and season.poster/banner also available. Container.TVShowThumb/SeasonThumb are still available for backward compatibility
Jonathan Marshall allow a full art map (banner/poster/fanart) for seasons a8a933d
Jonathan Marshall allow Choose Art to work for seasons in the video info dialog be24f47
Jonathan Marshall factor out the choosing art dialog for re-use 7971ae5
Jonathan Marshall factor out choosing of fanart from CONTEXT_BUTTON_SET_MOVIESET_FANART…
… handler
Jonathan Marshall rehash the set thumbs routine for seasons + sets so it aligns with ch…
…oose art on the video info dialog
@Montellese Montellese videodb: fix GetFileInfo() to also work if there's no resume point fo…
…r a file (fixes #13343)
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1694 from jmarshallnz/sore_thumbs
Drop thumb type from (most) movies, shows, seasons + sets + fixes
@Montellese Montellese music visualization: handle ACTION_SHOW_OSD 786c72b
@Montellese Montellese CGUIDialogMusicOSD: handle ACTION_SHOW_OSD (fixes #13475) de2873b
@Montellese Montellese keymaps: use "OSD" instead of "ActivateWindow(MusicOSD)" 19ea77e
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1711 from Montellese/fix_13475
music visualisation/osd: handle ACTION_SHOW_OSD
Commits on Nov 01, 2012
@JezzX JezzX Fixed: [Confluence] Due to changes in PVR label handling the Current …
…channel EPG view showed the plot instead of the date as it should
Jonathan Marshall fixes plugin settings from context menu not working 0be99e9
Jonathan Marshall remove hardcoded <align>center</align> in button and edit settings co…
Jonathan Marshall remove hardcoded <align>center</align> in settings slider controls fa7e418
Jonathan Marshall fix hardcoded spincontrolex right label alignment 9d1360f
@koying koying FIX: Crash when generating thumbnails (at least with mysql on Windows) a5dee6a
Jonathan Marshall The first few ListItem.Property/Art et. al. overlapped with ListItem.…
…HasEpg, ListItem.Progress etc. fixes #13442
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: use CApplicationMessenger::MediaPlay() instead of PlayFile()…
… to open a PVR stream (fixes #13440)
Jim Carroll [fix] Control::setAnimations took the wrong type. It should now be ba…
…ckwards compatible.
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1677 from pieh/slider_2nib
add mouse/touch handling for slider control with 2 selectors
@Memphiz Memphiz [droid/depends] - add libusb to the buildsystem 02f8269
@Memphiz Memphiz [droid] - make the PeripheralBusUSB support available for android as …
Jonathan Marshall drop the videodb:// forced caching - it was not in effect in Eden, an…
…d hurts more than it helps. fixes #13466.
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1717 from jmarshallnz/kill_videodb_cache
drop the videodb:// forced caching
@Montellese Montellese CFileItem: add SetFromVideoInfoTag(), SetFromAlbum() and SetFromSong() 49e6ff2
@Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: don't overwrite already retrieved details in a CFileItem in …
@Montellese Montellese videodb: get rid of some logging in LoadVideoInfo() 92781cc
@Montellese Montellese Merge pull request #1710 from Montellese/fix_13343
jsonrpc: fixes for missing property values from Files.GetDirectory/GetFileDetails
Commits on Nov 02, 2012
Jim Carroll [fix] the player needed a few DelayedCallGuards to release the GIL wh…
…en accessing the g_application which always has a chance to block.
Jonathan Marshall [upnp] use a reference to m_streamDetails rather than taking a copy e292b11
Jonathan Marshall [upnp] don't show 'set content' options on upnp sources 2acb9c1
@elupus elupus Merge pull request #1689 from koying/playlistplayusing
FIX: Add missing "Play with" to playlist viewers
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1722 from jmarshallnz/upnp_no_set_content
[upnp] don't show 'set content' options on upnp sources
@elupus elupus fixed: subtitles would sometime go missing on start
Caused by: 8885f2f
Jonathan Marshall add lookup table from old SORT_METHOD to new SortBy, and routines for…
… translating them
Jonathan Marshall use SortUtils::GetSortLabel rather than having a specific routine in …
Jonathan Marshall check before adding sort methods in GUIViewState::AddSortMethod c9dd185
Jonathan Marshall store the smartplaylist order when retrieving the directory, and use …
…it to set the default sort method
Jonathan Marshall utilise the SORT_METHOD->SortBy lookup routine in CFileItemList::Sort 9f6d26f
@Montellese Montellese fix SortByNumberOfEpisodes and SortByNumberOfWatchedEpisodes based on…
… a list of CFileItems
@Montellese Montellese CGUIMediaWindow: prefer the specific sort order (if available) over S…
…ortByPlaylist and SortByNone
Jonathan Marshall consistency: use Label as the sort mode when sorting by label in HTSP…
Jonathan Marshall fix smartplaylist editor showing incorrect types due to not resetting…
… the spinner on window deinit
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1707 from Pulse-Eight/libcec2.0.3
bump to libCEC 2.0.3
Jonathan Marshall the year field in smartplaylists wasn't numeric, thus didn't supply l…
…ess than or greater than options in the UI
Commits on Nov 03, 2012
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1704 from koying/fixmysqlthumbnailthread
FIX: Crash when generating thumbnails (at least with mysql on Windows)
Jonathan Marshall fix missing progress bar after removing a source from the video library dcacbfc
Jonathan Marshall don't attempt to write tvshow.nfo files to multipaths - use the first…
… path instead.
Jonathan Marshall add a warning to the log indicating when files aren't added to the li…
Jonathan Marshall adds URIUtils::IsArchive 317c104
Jonathan Marshall archives should use the file icon rather than music icon. Fixes #13472 25bf91f
Jonathan Marshall make sure we initialize buttons in the video info dialog before we in…
…it the window, so that animations are setup properly. fixes #10849
@elupus elupus zip: avoid insanly slow zip file listing due to cache thrashing
Zip file list extractor kept seeking back and forth from central
file list to header in front of actual file data, causing all
caches to be flushed on read.

Avoid cache thrashing by first reading all central headers, then
extracting data from file headers (technically this could even be
skipped when only a file list is wanted)
@elupus elupus dvdplayer: seeks due to audio stream switch should be trickplay
This fixes ticket: #13318
Commits on Nov 04, 2012
@Montellese Montellese webserver: fix security issue which allowed accessing any file instea…
…d of only files from the webinterface
@npeacock npeacock Touch Input: Fix for touch screen input in Linux to see presses as mo…
…use clicks, otherwise nothing can be selected.
@JezzX JezzX Changed: [Confluence] Cleaned up Window id white space since they are…
… no longer required
@Montellese Montellese videodb: fix LoadVideoInfo (for real this time) b061d5b
@Montellese Montellese videodb: only update file paths if there's not an updated path alread…
…y in the database (fixes #13493)
Franz Koch [pvr] remove hardcoded keymap in fullscreen video playback add possib…
…ility for PVR specific keymaps with a fallback to the default FullscreenVideo bindings if no PVR specific are found
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1727 from npeacock/xbmcmaster-wip
Touch Input: Fix for touch screen input in Linux to see presses as mouse...
Jonathan Marshall fix order of tags in files with multiple tags so that xiph > id3v2 an…
…d ape > id3v2 if prioritising of ape tags is on
Commits on Nov 05, 2012
Jonathan Marshall [confluence] switch a ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image) to ListItem.Art…
Jonathan Marshall ensure ListItem.Art(thumb) updates when poster/banner update in the v…
…ideo info dialog
@Montellese Montellese media library: switch to the playlist view matching the currently act…
…ive view (fixes #12891)
Commits on Nov 06, 2012
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed - don't hold a lock while creating an add-on instance 93d64f5
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] fixed - start and stop the pvr manager via app messenger when u…
…pdating the guisetting. pvr may create a dialog or kaitoast notification, leading to a deadlock
Franz Koch [pvr] add dedicated actions for channel up/down and make them globall…
…y available via cActions
@koying koying FIX: Properly handle Pictures Play/Stop notif (fixes #13501; fixes #1…
@Montellese Montellese Merge pull request #1737 from Montellese/fix_12891
media library: switch to the playlist view matching the currently active view
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1724 from da-anda/pvr-keymap
[pvr] remove hardcoded keymap in fullscreen video playback
@alcoheca alcoheca rpc: add OnScanStarted/Finished notifications 97ecfbf
@alcoheca alcoheca upnp: disable notifications while cleaning dbs 9d206e3
@Montellese Montellese Merge pull request #1738 from koying/fixpicturenotif
properly handle pictures Player.OnPlay/OnStop notifications (fixes #13501; fixes #13503)
@amet amet [fix] reset subtitle delay on activation of new sub file from python,…
… lost in b14343b
Jonathan Marshall remove whitespace from the end of lines in .cue sheet documents. fixe…
…s issues with Genres popping up with carriage returns at the end of the line.
Jonathan Marshall when adding artists, genres, and actors to the music database, make s…
…ure that they're trimmed of carriage returns, spaces etc.
Commits on Nov 07, 2012
@dragonflight dragonflight change GetReplaceString to return a std::string and fix all uses 2e422c5
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1742 from dragonflight/GetReplaceString
GetReplaceString -> GetReplaceStdString which return a std::string
Jonathan Marshall fix incorrect comparison. (!a == b) != (a != b) bc5df1b
@dragonflight dragonflight fixes CleanStrings not applying correctly if CleanDateTimeRegExp remo…
…ves text at start of filename.

CleanDateTime has the ability to return part of the filename for future processing.
If it returns a partial string no rooted at the start then CleanStrings will be wrong
CleanStrings does a pattern match on strFilename but then extracts the unmatched part
from strTitleAndYear
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1713 from jmarshallnz/fix_hardcoded_center
Fix hardcoded center of some settings controls
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1703 from jmarshallnz/font_fixes
Font fixes for various things
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1688 from Memphiz/libusb
[droid] - activate usb peripherals available
vdrfan fixed: added missing FileTimeToLocalFileTime implementation in order …
…to handle utc dates correctly
arnova changed: Remove useless log spam + improve logging when things fail 19b3781
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1739 from alcoheca/rpc-clean-announce
Rpc clean announce
@FernetMenta FernetMenta dvdplayer: avoid resetting players on stream change (pvr) 56395a2
Jonathan Marshall ensure the slider nib is processed prior to using it's render rect, t…
…o eliminate it being positioned incorrectly on first render. fixes #13009
Jonathan Marshall fix fetching of actor art from .actors during video scan. fixes #13492 db0d7fa
Jonathan Marshall no need for double ; a2092fa
Commits on Nov 08, 2012
Jonathan Marshall ensure argv is set when running scripts from a media window. Fixes #1…
@Montellese Montellese advancedsettings: revive "recentlyaddeditems" (reverts part of 3fc04bc) a6af572
@Montellese Montellese Revert "use filters for the recently added nodes rather than videodb:…
…// paths"

This reverts commit f9cc740.
@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz Merge pull request #1751 from Montellese/ra_fixes
recentlyadded: make sure to show the same list independent of the entry point
Jonathan Marshall Revert "ensure argv is set when running scripts from a media window. …
…Fixes #13030"

This reverts commit 6d1cc62.
Tolriq jsonrpc: fix "type" being set to "song" for non-music items 7b7deae
@Montellese Montellese Merge pull request #1752 from Tolriq/master
jsonrpc: fix "type" being set to "song" for non-library music items
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] get end time from the epg tag if a pvr channel is playing 40492ce
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [pvr] added player start time b4c86d9
@opdenkamp opdenkamp [confluence/pvr] changed fullscreen osd to display the start and end …
…time of the program, instead of player times
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1745 from vdrfan/FileTimeToLocalFileTime
FileTimeToLocalFileTime implementation for non win32 platforms
@opdenkamp opdenkamp Merge pull request #1723 from opdenkamp/pvrstartendtimes
display real start and end time from EPG information in the OSD
@Montellese Montellese fix "karaoke.fontcolors" offering a non-existing option e257883
@elupus elupus Merge pull request #1746 from FernetMenta/streams
dvdplayer: avoid resetting players on stream change (pvr)
Jonathan Marshall consistency: use Title as the label when sorting by Title/SortTitle 597734c
Jonathan Marshall consistency: Use Duration as the label when sorting by Duration or Ru…
Jonathan Marshall consistency: use MPAA as the label when sorting by MPAA rating 87ff39c
Jonathan Marshall consistency: use Play count as the label when sorting by play count 2b2f058
Jonathan Marshall consistency: use Genre as the label when sorting by genre 20fe423
Jonathan Marshall consistency: use Artist as the label when sorting by artists a785b70
Jonathan Marshall consistency: use Label as the sort label when sorting by label fea1776
Jonathan Marshall consistency: add a comment about inconsistent use of SORT_METHOD_EPIS…
…ODE for sorting by the number of episodes (rather than episode number)
Cory Fields build: try to code-gen during bootstrap
This allows us to create a completely bootstrapped tarball that does not
require java or swig as build-deps.
@Memphiz Memphiz [osx/ios/atv2] - only generate python interface in xcode prebuilt ste…
…p - and do all (!!!wooohoooo!!!) compilation in xcode then
Arne Morten Kvarving Merge pull request #1686 from jmarshallnz/sort_those_nodes
Store sorting information for smartplaylists and library nodes
Jonathan Marshall fix missing season art if no scraper season art was available - thank…
…s to humpe for the heads up
@theuni theuni Merge pull request #1720 from theuni/bootstrap-codegenerator
build: try to code-gen during bootstrap
Cory Fields egl: Android: Add quirk for destroying nativewindow with surface
Don't count on the driver to realize that the NativeWindow is stale, it may try
to use it and crash. Instead, kill it when we destroy a window in order to
force recreation later.

Thanks to Koying for tracking down the root issue here. Replaces PR #1715.
Fixes #13455.
Cory Fields egl: add doxy for quirks 39f2ab2
Jonathan Marshall make sure autogenerated video thumbs are stored using their original …
…URLs, not the cached URL
Commits on Nov 09, 2012
Cory Fields fix: Enable GUI Rendering earlier in order to avoid possible headless…
… startup

Fixes #13470
@opdenkamp opdenkamp fixed - missing return value after splitting up a commit 1a8a69e
@pieh pieh fix win32 build after 30edf45 cbfd284