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Market Finance Inc

Market Finance Inc is a dynamic single-app financial trading webpage for users to visualize financial data and read news relating to specific companies.


  • Candlestick graph displaying realtime data
  • Correlating news articles from The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, The Street, Nasdaq, MSN, Forbes, and Motley Fool


  • React/Redux
  • TradingView chart widget
  • News API from
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • ES6
  • Lodash
  • jQuery
  • Font-Awesome

Implementation Considerations


React/Redux was the chosen frontend framework and flux architecture to easily manage dependencies across the different components.

  • When a new company is chosen, the candlestick graph changes along with the news articles relating to that specific company.
  • The redux store was also utilized in creating a responsive Directory. The access point to show and hide the Directory is found in the Navbar component.
  • React was helpful in creating modular components. Two different UL's were used to create the directory, however the DirectoryIndexItem component was able to be used in both.

Responsiveness and Browser Compatibility

Responsiveness across various browsers were considered during styling. CSS's flex display was the ideal choice in distinguishing the width dimensions for the adjacent Chart and NewsIndex.

  • Styling was tested against Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.
  • Google Fonts were used as they're compatible against all major browsers with fast CDN, has unlimited bandwidth for unlimited usage, and fast loading times.
  • Content on page stacks vertically when the browser page reaches a width of 1100px. Content is rendered horizontally otherwise and has a max width once the screen gets too big. All responsive styling is done with CSS3 and no external library.

Live Link

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