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Thiago Avelino avelino

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avelino commented on issue opps/opps#489

yep, will generate this week!

avelino pushed to master at opps/opps
avelino merged pull request opps/opps#491
Create integration with app django-modelclone.
1 commit with 39 additions and 16 deletions
  • @avelino 9489564
    added `helm` and `flymake-go` plugin
Go language support
avelino created branch master at avelino/ocrsdk
avelino created repository avelino/ocrsdk
avelino starred djcb/mu
avelino opened issue sajari/docconv#18
read pdf image via tesseract
E185: Cannot find color scheme 'molokai' before install
avelino commented on pull request avelino/awesome-go#576

To create a new category needs to be more than 3 packages

avelino closed pull request avelino/awesome-go#576
Added REX-Ray
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