Nexus plugin providing Google Analitycs services
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Nexus GA Plugin


  • tracking the UI usage with GA
  • tracking repo content (artifacts) acces using GA with different strategies:
    • by path
    • by M2 groupId of the artifact
    • by Repository Target name
    • feel free to add other "strategy"
  • TBD can use multiple GA IDs, so tracking for "3rd party" (someone hosting artifacts at your Nexus that has Google Analitycs account) is possible too.

Known issues:

  • will not work behind HTTP Proxy (unless JVM proxy is set). It needs to obey Nexus global proxy settings. TBD.
  • can use only one GA UID, and it will be used for all, UI and Item tracking. Later, this will be expanded.
  • no real config, using system properties to "sneak in the GA ID". See DefaultGoogleAnalyticsPluginConfiguration class.
  • is hastily drafted. Ideas please!

Thank you

A lot of thanks goes to Lars J. Nilsson for a great inspiration!

Have fun!


To update Google Analytics trackerId or the list of tracked repositories, change the corresponding properties in pom.xml:

  • <>UA-XXXXXX-X</>
  • <trackedRepositories>releases</trackedRepositories>