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Fq_delta - Efficient storage of processed versions of fastq files.

Fq_delta is a python module and shell script that enables the storage of processed versions of fastq files generated by DNA and RNA sequencing technologies. By using Myer's diff algorithm that allows per-character comparisons of two strings, we generate delta files from the original and edited fastq file. While the delta files generated by fq_delta can be used to fully reconstruct the original files, they are only a fraction (0.1 – 2%) of the original size. Depending on the number of processing steps, implementation of this module will lead to a significant reduction in storage required for processing sequence data.

A technical note on fq_delta has been published in EMBnet.journal.


First clone the git repository with,

git clone git://

Enter the fq_delta repository directory

cd fq_delta

Use python to install the module and scripts

sudo python install

Two packages are installed in the site-packages folder of you current python installation: fq_delta and diff_match_patch. The former is dependent on the latter.

Two scrips are installed in your /usr/local/bin/ or equivalent folder: delta and rebuild. Both scripts can be called with the option -h to display options.


To create a delta file from two fastq files:

delta original.fastq processed.fastq

This will result in a delta file with the name

Rebuilding the processed file to standard out works as follows:

rebuild original.fastq

To rebuild to a fastq file, simply add the new file name as third argument.

rebuild original.fastq rebuilt_processed.fastq

Both delta and rebuild are able to work with standard in and standard out, allowing the user to chain several processes.

cat -e sample.fastq | \
sed  's/M\-\^A//' | \
delta sample.fastq sample.step1 -si 2 -so | \
sed 's/1{//' | \
delta sample.fastq sample.step2 -si 2 -so | \
sed 's/1\^K\^B//' | \
delta sample.fastq sample.step3 -si 2 -so | \
sed 's/\$//' | \
delta sample.fastq sample.step4 -si 2 -so > sample.processed.fastq


Efficient storage of processed versions of fastq files




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