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Personal Site


My supervisor was insisting I had to create my personal site, but it was a pain to maintain her own. It was written in pure html and required some skills and time to update.

I didn't want that, neither a big framework to create the page, nor writing pure html. So I simplifly and use files that contain all the content and let the framework worry with the look and structure.

Description of Solution

Uses configuration files that keep all the information.

  • A YAML file keeps the personal and career information (see below for a snippet)
  • A Markdown file keeps a longer description that can be formated using Markdown Syntax.
  • Several JSON files to keep the publication record.

note: I recommend using Zotero to export the publications directly as CLS JSON

Example site


Necessary files:

  1. Info.yaml - YAML file with the personal information
  2. - Markdown file with description

(files should be located in data folder)

Other Necessary files

These can be generated using Zotero(export as CLS JSON)

  1. Journal.json
  2. Oral.json
  3. Invited.json
  4. Poster.json

(files should be located in data folder)

Example files can be found at "example-data" folder


After getting markdown-js and pure

  • Run make all to compile Coffee script and SASS
  • Create data folder with configuration files
  • Open index.html in your browser


Static version

As a follow up step you can use the generated html and create a static version of the site. In firefox you have to select everything and then open "View Selection Source", otherwise it will show the version with Pure tags.