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The MongoDB Cookbook

The ways and hows of MongoDB.

Contribute your patterns, methods, and ideas to the MongoDB Cookbook.

How to Contribute a Recipe

  1. Fork this repo and create a new topic branch.
  2. Make your addition. See one of the recipe files for a sample.
  3. Send a pull request -- please include a short description of your new or updated recipe.
  4. Enjoy your awesomeness.

Even More Ways To Contribute

You can:

  • Add example code for any existing recipe, in any programming language. Fork the repo and add your code into the relevant directory!
  • Work on the website. All the site lives in content.
  • Look for typos, formatting errors, missing links, and other little things. No potential improvement is 'too small' -- fork for anything.


Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Inspired by The Redis Cookbook (

Gems to Install

  • gem install webby
  • gem install ultraviolet
  • gem install maruku
  • gem install RedCloth
  • gem install rdiscount