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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
namespace MongoDB.Driver {
public interface IMongoCollection {
string Name { get; }
string DbName { get; }
string FullName { get; }
CollectionMetaData MetaData { get; }
Document FindOne(Document spec);
ICursor FindAll();
ICursor Find(String where);
ICursor Find(Document spec);
ICursor Find(Document spec, int limit, int skip);
ICursor Find(Document spec, int limit, int skip, Document fields);
long Count();
long Count(Document spec);
void Insert(Document doc);
void Insert(IEnumerable<Document> docs);
void Delete(Document selector);
void Update(Document doc);
void Update(Document doc, Document selector);
void Update(Document doc, Document selector, int upsert);
void UpdateAll(Document doc, Document selector);
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