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AVG.js - A Future-oriented Adventure Game Framework

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The project is in Alpha stage, not recommended for large projects, but may be enough for a shorter one. Welcome to discuss any related topics, but non-functional Pull Request will not be accepted for the time being. (e.g. fix a wrong spelling in code, but except for fixes or updates for documents.)

AVG.js is an open source web-game framework, aiming to be a new generation of AVG development framework. Also, we take some similar types of games into account, such as puzzles, renai simulation, kancolle-like, TCG/CCG etc. We hope that every player will be able to enjoy a game anytime and anywhere through the Internet, hope that each game maker can experience a easier game development.

All the news will be released in our Gitter, where you can also discuss more topics with us!

Why choose AVG.js

AVG.js is a feature-rich game development framework that allows you build your game quickly and easily. By using different off-the-shelf or customized components and plugins, you can make different types of games, such as the simplest visual novels, card collection with animations, and even puzzle or action games with a lot of interactions.

AVG.js is based on the fastest graphic rendering library Pixi.js, support more than 90% modern browsers with smoothly fps and low heat on mobile devices.

AVG.js uses React as the basis of its componentization, frees game makers from heavy UI development.

It's always convenient for every one to use extensions of pixi.js and react in AVG.js, e.g. use react-router as scene manager or use pixi-spine as a custom component.

In addition, the highly acclaimed RPGMaker MV is also based on Pixi.js, so AVG.js can be combined with it for more exciting gameplay.


Make sure Nodejs v6.5+ has been installed correctly.

We recommend that you create and publish your game using our command-line tools:

npm install -g avg-cli
avg create mygame

For more details, refer to Quickstart

Live Demo (Chinese language)

梦境下的约定试玩版 © 萌约游戏制作组


  • Resource preloading
  • Tween & Transition
  • Stateful UI, Data-driven
  • Componentization
  • Fine-grained SceneManager (Using react-router)
  • Automatic publishing tool (Include resource size optimization)
  • Particle System, Live2D, Spine
  • Plugins

Participate in development

Any contribution is welcomed! No matter you find a bug, think of a better idea, or just want to ask for new features... Issue it or participate discussion in Gitter!

But before you submit your ideas or code, please read Contribution guidelines. At present we do not have our own contribution guidelines, but Pixi.js guidelines may have been sufficient to explain all the things.

Donation and sponsorship

We hope to receive donation/sponsorship for the continuation of the project. The funds obtained will be used (in order):

  • Purchase a variety of cloud services or other services required to maintain the project
  • Pay for Logo design
  • Customize the UI of the template project and related material
  • Support Chinese non-commercial/indie/doujin game development
  • Other necessary uses

If you wish to donate/sponsor, please contact Icemic(#)

Or donate to Alipay or Paypal (Please attach your name)

Buy Me a Coffee at

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If not otherwise stated
All the source code of this project is distributed under Apache License 2.0.
All the documentation of this project is distributed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International.