Simple web-based 3D block model construction editor
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Simple, isomer.js-based 3D model editor in the browser. Primarily built for mobile devices (in landscape mode).

Browser support

It should work in all major browsers (except Opera, as far as I can tell right now).

Tested with:

  • Android 4.0+ (Firefox, Chrome)
  • iOS 7
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

How does it work

The editor allows you to build a 3D model layer by layer.

You will see a preview on the top of the window.

Below that preview is a matrix of 10x10 squares. Tap (or click) a square to set or unset it and turn it into a solid block.

Once you're done with a layer, you can use the "Layer +" / "Layer -" buttons to go to the next / previous layer and set/unset blocks there.

When you're happy with your model, you may use the link to share it or the "Clear" button to start from scratch.

Have fun!