How to use PicoContainer with dynamically-created dependencies
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How to use PicoContainer with dynamically-created dependencies

PicoContainer is a dependency-injection framework focused on simplicity. It emphasizes constructor injection and has a simple configuration mechanism that does not require annotations, in contrast to the popular alternative, Guice.

One shortcoming of PicoContainer is that it does not provide clear documentation about how to approach writing code that needs to dynamically create instances. In Guice, this would be accomplished by injecting a Provider<T> of the type you needed to dynamically instantiate.

This project shows an example of a good pattern of doing this with PicoContainer. The solution used here is to explicitly create a provider class with has a PicoContainer injected into it. If you follow this pattern, you should take care not to allow your non-provider classes to inject the PicoContainer.

This project also demonstrated the flexible and loosely-coupled architecture that results from refactoring code to use constructor injection in place of the new operator. Notably MainWindow depends only on ShowInfoWindowButton: and as a result, ShowInfoWindowAction, InfoWindow, and InfoWindowProvider are completely hidden from it.

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