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=== Version 1.2.1 === 2007-01-22
Packaged by Aaron VonderHaar <>
* Fixed bug 19: Re-enable basic print functionality that was present in
version 1.1. Complete printing support will be added in version 1.3.
=== Version 1.2 === 2007-01-21
Packaged by Aaron VonderHaar <>
* Fixed bug 9: Fixed occasional crashes when deleting tasks.
* Fixed bug 10: Added menu items and keyboard shortcuts for
starting/stopping the timer and creating new projects and tasks.
=== Version 1.1.002 === 2007-01-15
Packaged by Aaron VonderHaar <>
2007-01-15: Aaron VonderHaar <>
* Fixed bug 5: When adding a new project or task, the new entry is
immediately selected for renaming.
* Fixed bug 6: When selecting a project, the task that was previoudly
selected is reselected.
* Fixed bug 2: It is no longer possible to add work periods that are
not associated with a task or project.
=== Version 1.1 === 2007-01-10
Packaged by Aaron VonderHaar <>
2007-01-04: Aaron VonderHaar <>
* Data is now saved to disk every five minutes when the timer is running.
* Data is now saved when the timer is stopped.
* Project settings are changed to produce a Universal Binary.
* Changed the nib file for more efficient use of space.
* Made window resizable.
* Window size and position is saved in the system defaults.
* Ensures that the display is refreshed when the main window is first
loaded (this was not the case when the window size/position was restored).
* added filtering
* added text filtering
* added menubar tooltips
* added menubar LRU menu for quickly starting tasks
* added keyed archiver persistence and data migration
* added ability to reassign work period to new task/project
* added comments to work periods
6.11.2008 RBUR:
* added checks for duplicate project and task names preventing from screwing up the data
* added option to configure the LRU size in the preferences
* added configuration for idle timeout and standby detection
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