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AutoHotkey Sublime-Text Package (Discontinued)

Important Note

This project is discontinued. Please use AHKScript's official AutoHotkey package. It's also available on the Package Control.


If you have Package Control installed, in command palette type
Package Control: Add Repository
Then add https://github.com/Avi-Aryan/AutoHotKey to it.
Now, the package will be available for Install.

If you don't have Package control, you can download the zip and replace the package with the default Autohotkey Package if you have.


This is a Autohotkey package for Sublime Text.
It has better Auto-Completes , Syntax-Highlighting and Language Files plus bonus custom themes and ahk scripts to make it even better.


  • Make sure to change AutoHotKey.sublime-build according to your requirements.
  • Use Auto-Complete Adder to add custom Auto-completes.
  • Dont worry about two Msgbox's in Autocomplete. <blank> is for
    Msgbox,text ;(used in testing) whereas other is for the whole long command.
  • Similarly Loop has 5 variants each for general, reading files and folders , parsing a string
    ,registry reading and reading lines from file .
  • denofle
  • Ragnar
  • budRich (Hat of God theme)