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;@Plugin-Name NoFormatting Paste
;@Plugin-Description Pastes current clipboard without formatting. Make first parameter 1 to trim all types of whitespace.
;@Plugin-version 0.2
;@Plugin-Author Avi
;@Plugin-Tags no-format paste
;@Plugin-Silent 1
To create a System Level shortcut, use with Customizer as-
bind = Win+v
run = API.runPlugin(noformatting_paste.ahk)
run = API.runPlugin(noformattin_paste.ahk, 1)
API.blockMonitoring(1) ; blocks Clipboard monitoring by Clipjump
try Clipboard := trimall ? Trim(Clipboard, "`r`n `t") : Rtrim(Clipboard, "`r`n") ; Trims clipboard of any formatting
API.blockMonitoring(0) ; enable monitoring now
Send ^{vk56} ; i.e. ^v