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❯❯❯ Chattt

Chat without leaving your terminal.


> npm install -g chattt

> chattt

Why build this?

Well, I would say, the strongest reason why I build this is because I wanted to play with socket.io and a cool terminal interface library. A chat system was one of the ways to realize this and hence I went ahead with it. It has no advantages over IRC or some other chat system that you are used to, but it might come handy for quick chatting (from terminal) with zero entry-level knowledge required (no need to memorize IRC commands for example). 🍰


When chattt opens, you are asked the channel name that you want to join. Enter the channel name, and then enter your desired user handle.

If everything goes well, you should be joining the channel.

The working of this application is inspired by IRC so you will see messages when users join or leave a channel.

Technologies Used


The backend of this application is hosted for free on Glitch. Do check it out as it is pretty cool. 😄

The source code for the same is at aviaryan/chattt-backend.


Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com.