Getting Started

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So you found a bug or want to translate something. There are two ways you can go from there: reporting an issue or submitting a pull request (PR). If you're not sure what to do, then just report it to us!

By the way, the community-poland mailing list is the go-to place to discuss anything related to and Mozilla. Don't hesitate to introduce yourself there.

It's perfectly fine to talk to us in Polish!

Reporting Bugs

  1. Log in to GitHub. Create an account, if you don't have one yet.
  2. Go to our repository, click the Issues tab and then the New issue button.
  3. Write a title and a description of the problem.
  4. Click on Submit new issue.

That's it! Now you can wait for an answer from us.

Submitting a Pull Request

This is a slightly more complicated, but allows you to start contributing right away.

  1. Again, log in to GitHub.
  2. Look for a string you want to change in our repositories. For example, translations for Firefox reside in mozilla-l10n-pl under the browser directory.
  3. Add a translation, fix an error or make some other change to a file by clicking Edit this file pencil button on the header.
  4. Save your work with a summary by clicking the Propose file change button at the bottom.

You're done! We will discuss the change with you and then commit it to the official repositories.

Web Translations

By the way, there is always something to translate on our web pages, such as Go to the Web Localization Dashboard and click on one of the files to find out what needs to be translated. Your translated file on the right will link you to the file on GitHub. Just translate the string below the one starting with “;”. All the rest is the same as when translating Firefox or other software!

Other Resources


Transvision is a useful tool when you know the string you want to change, but you don't know where to find it. Just type it in the search box, choose pl as the target locale and click the Search button.

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