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Database Manager for Open Source Databases
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OpenSQLManager is an attempt to create an alternative to Navicat that is free and open. It is build with PHP-GTK, so I'm looking for a way to create normal binaries.

Build Status

Pre-configured version of php for windows

Because php-gtk is such a pain to compile on Windows, I've put together this package from the latest php-gtk windows package. It's available in the downloads section.

How to run:

  • On Windows: drag the index.php file to the php.exe or php-win.exe executable in the php package. php.exe brings up a DOS console, php-win.exe does not.
  • On Mac:
    • Install MacPorts
    • Install these ports using MacPorts
      • php5
      • php5-cairo
      • php5-gtk
      • php5-iconv
      • php5-mysql
      • php5-postgresql
      • php5-sqlite
      • php5-ssh2
    • Run via terminal in the OpenSQLManager folder using php index.php

PHP Requirements

  • Version 5.2 - 5.3.*
  • PHP-Cairo PECL extension
  • PHP-GTK PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL
  • JSON
  • PDO
    • PDO drivers for the databases you wish to use

Want to Contribute?

See Dev Guide

Planned Features

  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality
  • Database table creation and backup

The databases currently slated to be supported are:

Plan to implement, not support:

  • ODBC

Won't Support

Closed source DBs, like Oracle, MSSQL, etc.

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