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Highlight markdown code cells in :atom:
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atom markdown-cell-highlight package

A simple :atom: package to highlight code cells in markdown files; this can be useful, for example, when editing Weave files in Juno or using Hydrogen's rich (multi) language document feature, etc.

To install:

λ apm install markdown-cell-highlight

example look

ariake-dark-syntax one-light syntax
ariake-dark-example one-light-example


  • markdown-cell-highlight.targetScopes: If specified, this package will highlight code cells with the specified languages scopes. By default (i.e. ["source.embedded"]), it will highlight every code cell even without language scope. E.g.: if you only want to highlight Julia code cells, you can modify this config into ["source.embedded.julia"].
  • markdown-cell-highlight.markdownScopes: Specifies grammar scopes that this package will consider as markdown files and try to highlight code cells. Set to ["", "source.gfm", "", ""] by default.

custom styling

You can have custom styles (i.e. custom colors, mostly) via your stylesheet:


// style for cell body
.line.markdown-cell-highlight {
  background: @whatever-color-you-want-for-cell-body;
// style for cell gutter
.line-number.markdown-cell-highlight {
  background: @whatever-color-you-want-for-cell-gutter;


This package is under MIT License.


  • Shuhei Kadowaki - undergraduate @ kyoto univ. - aviatesk
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