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Remove the requirement to authenticate before calling a service object #112

merged 1 commit into from Sep 5, 2014
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Just for now

@@ -21,9 +21,17 @@ def initialize

class SessionDataNotProvidedError < StandardError
def initialize
super "default_session_data is not initialized and no session data was "\
"provided in the method call."
def initialize(service_name, request_name)
super "\n\nERROR: default_session_data is not initialized and no session data was provided in\n"\
"the method call. You have two ways to fix this:\n\n"\
" 1) Call Session#authenticate before calling Session##{service_name}_service, or\n\n"\
" 2) If you're really sure you don't want to authenticate beforehand,\n"\
" construct the method call this way:\n\n"\
" service = session.#{service_name}_service\n"\
" service.request :#{request_name}, :api_version => :v2, :session_data => sessiondatavar\n\n"\
" Replace :v2 with whatever available version you want to use and make sure sessiondatavar\n"\
" is a hash that contains, at least, the :base_url key. Other keys, such as :service_token may\n"\
" be needed depending on what the request class you are calling requires.\n\n"

@@ -75,7 +83,7 @@ def request(request_name, options={}, &params)

session_data = options[:session_data] || default_session_data

raise unless session_data
raise, request_name) unless session_data

[:base_url].each do |k|
session_data[k] = options[k] if options[k]
@@ -152,8 +152,6 @@ def environment

def get_service_obj(service_name)
raise unless self.authenticated?

@services ||= {}

if @services[service_name].nil?
@@ -261,20 +261,19 @@ def new_session

describe '#xxx_service' do

it 'raises a NotAuthenticatedError if called without authenticating first' do
the_method = lambda { new_session.identity_service }

the_method.must_raise Aviator::Session::NotAuthenticatedError

it 'returns an instance of the indicated service' do
session = new_session


it 'returns an instance of the indicated service even if not authenticated' do
session = new_session
session.authenticated?.must_equal false


end # describe 'aviator/core/service'
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