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Helping open-source developers distribute and monetize their software
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Scarf (beta) Build Status Gitter

Scarf's mission is to help open source developers monetize their work.

Concretely, Scarf is a developer-focused, cross-platform system package manager that enables developers to see how their software is actually used and to get paid for their work. If you distribute your software with Scarf, your users will be able to easily install it with the scarf CLI, and you'll gain insights into how your software is used such as:

  • Install counts
  • Exit codes when your program is invoked
  • Execution times
  • Sub-commands and flags that are passed on the command line

Support your work by charging to use your package without sending these usage statistics. Just create and connect a Stripe account through Scarf and you can be making money from your work in minutes.

The best part is that you can get all of these features without writing any code! You simply upload your package to Scarf. The end-user will install your package via scarf which installs your program inside a wrapper so that Scarf can capture your package's usage statistics or validate payment for additional features.

See the documentation at


You can install scarf by running:

curl -L | bash


Scarf is in very early stages, and is being developed rapidly. Lots of functionality is either missing or buggy. Please feel encouraged to submit any questions, comments, or issues you run into. All feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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