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# manifest.yml by Avi Alkalay <avi at> –
# Freely distributable
- name: bridge-app-name
buildpack: noop-buildpack
memory: 1M
disk-quota: 128K
path: bridge-app
no-hostname: true
no-route: true
EXAMPLE_ENV_1: value1
EXAMPLE_ENV_2: value2
- bridge-app-database
- bridge-app-object-store
label: cleardb
plan: spark
label: Object-Storage
plan: Free
# • The app name will be substituted by what you type on Bluemix DevOps Services
# deploy page.
# • I'm using the "noop-buildpack" with minimum "memory" and "disk-quota" because I
# don't need a real runtime. All my logic will happen on a Docker container, while the
# purpose of this app is just to hold together the "services" and expose their
# credentials at once to the Docker container. As a VCAP structure and environment
# variables. See the `admin/deploy` script to learn how to bind this app to several
# containers.
# • The "env" block here is just to show you how to define additional environment
# variables.
# • The "declared-services" block is ignored by `cf push`, but is used by
# Bluemix DevOps Services to automatically provision things.
# • Discover services "label" and "plan" using `cf marketplace` command.
# • The `admin/deploy` script uses the info on this CloudFoundry manifest.yml file
# when calls `cf push`