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Features and bugs are tracked on Trello at the wotmad board.

The in-development version is running at http://wotmad.herokuapp.com and may be down at any given time and the data may go missing at any time.

Logins are handled via BrowserID because it's much easier for me to use. If you don't want an account through BrowserID, so sorry charlie.


If you wish to contribute, you'll need Vagrant.

You can get vagrant from https://vagrantup.com

After checking out the code, change into the directory holding the source and run:

$ vagrant up

The first time you run the command, vagrant will download a base virtual machine image for you, then provision the image using the scripts included in the Vagrantfile.

Because of the way browserid/persona works, you need to access the site using a defined hostname:port. The vagrant machine is preconfigured to use http://wotmad.local:5000, and it is listening on the private IP, so go ahead and add this line to your /etc/hosts file:   wotmad.local

Once the provisioning is done, ssh into the virtual machine by typing vagrant ssh.

The first time you provision, you'll need to migrate the database up to the current point, so run:

$ ./manage.py syncdb --noinput

Followed by:

$ ./manage.py migrate

Then, create a superuser for yourself. Be sure to use the same email address you'll be using when you login via BrowserID so that you'll gain access to the admin.

$ ./manage.py createsuperuser

Finally, you're ready to run the server. You only need to perform the steps above if it's your first time. Otherwise, you can skip straight to here.

$ ./manage.py runserver 0:5000