An A/B Split Tester for Rails Applications
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The purpose of this plugin is to make it as easy to do A/B split tests as it is not to.
It allows you to make each hit to a URL cycle through different treatments, and to
record each treatment as a separate page in Google Analytics.

When you're running an A/B split test, each design you want to test is called a "treatment".

./script/generate ab_split_tester .
rake db:migrate

To use this plugin, first add "include AbSplitTestSystem" to ApplicationController.
Next create an action for each of your new treatments. If you are testing an index page,
for example, then you could create actions named index_treatment_2, index_treatment_3, etc.
(Your current index action and template are considered a treatment.)

To cycle through your treatments, add this to a controller:
ab_split_test("campaign_name", "default_treatment_action_name", "new_treatment_1_action_name", "new_treatment_2_action_name")
campaign_name is to differentiate this test from others you might run in the future on the
same action.

Right now you can only track hits with Google Analytics.  Add the following to your views,
after the Google Analytics code and inside a javascript block: 
<%= ab_google_analytics_urchin_tracker %>

This calls the urchinTracker javascript method to set the "name" of the displayed page in
Analytics so that Analytics can differentiate your treatments.

For example, if you had the following in yor controller:
ab_split_test("test1", "index", "index_treatment_2", "index_treatment_3")

Then adding "<%= ab_google_analytics_urchin_tracker %>" to your views would make Analytics
record hits to your treatments as follows:

You can put "<%= ab_google_analytics_urchin_tracker %>" in view templates which aren't
treatments. It will only output the urchinTracker method if Rails is rendering a treatment.