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Ruby-Processing 0.8 coming on through. Refactored export scripts.

Revision 0.8
  * Ruby-Processing can now export Mac applications! Running
    script/application my_sketch.rb will create,
    complete with all of its data and libraries. If you have
    a .icns file inside of your data folder, it will become
    the app's icon.

  * Added a mathematical Fern sample. It's a port of Luis
    Correia's java original, with algorithms from Wikipedia.

  * Sketches now have a library_loaded? method, so that you can
    check if a library has been started successfully, and
    conditionally enable things. (Good for OpenGL.)

  * The Boids library is now about 40% faster. It also comes with
    an example in library/boids/samples.

  * Specs have been started both for exporting and for Ruby-
    Processing itself.
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