Fast Neural Style Transfer in Julia
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NOTE: This version works for Julia 0.6. An update to support Julia 1.0 and latest Flux, is WIP. Check the julia-1.0 branch for latest updates. It contains working code which needs to be trained. The models for the last release will not work in julia-1.0 branch. But soon new and better pre-trained models will be added.

Implementation of Fast Neural Style Transfer in Julia using Flux.jl


To install this package simply run


Using it is very simple. You just need to worry about 2 functions.

The first function is train. You need this in case you are training on a new style. If you ever end up training on a new style please send in a PR with the model. Now the arguments you need to pass to the function are:

  1. train_data_path: Path to the MS COCO Dataset.
  2. batch_size
  3. η: Learning rate. Ideally set it to 0.001.
  4. style_image_path
  5. epochs
  6. model_save_path
  7. content_weight: The priority you want to assign to the content. A higher value leads to a better retainment of the original features.
  8. style_weight: Same as content weight only for the style image.
  9. model: Pass TransformerNet or TransformerNet2. You can pass a custom Network as well.
  10. images: Total images from the COCO dataset that you want to train you model on.

The other function would be stylize. This will probably will be the only function most people shall use. So lets see its arguments:

  1. image_path
  2. model_path
  3. save_path: Can be left blank. The image will be stored in the same directory as the image with a stylized tag.
  4. display_img: If running from the terminal set it to false. Comes handy when you want to see the image without having to open the save_path.

Some speed statistics: The model runs quite fast taking only 5ms to stylize a 640 x 640 image on a P100 GPU.


Starry Night Abstract Art Pop Style
Dancing Original Starry Dancing Abstract Dancing Pop Dancing
Original Monalisa Starry Monalisa Abstract Monalisa Pop Monalisa

Future Work

  1. Implement a GPU Kernel for Instance Normalization
  2. Substitute Zero Padding for Reflection Padding
  3. Implement the GPU Kernel for Upsampling Layer


  1. Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution
  2. A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
  3. Instance Normalization: The Missing Ingredient for Fast Stylization

If you are interested in the implementation look up this blog post.