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Detailed Change log:
Version (Unstable version - Dec 18th 2011)
* Bug Fix: server-client didn't always work due to an uninitialized member.
* Installer bug fix: versions were compared by string instead of by number.
* Added Support for FW 5.5:
1) Support product ID 0601.
2) ISO and BULK interfaces are now switched.
3) AudioGenerator is no longer supported.
* Enumeration Bug Fix: From now on, a generator will not return on enumeration if one already exists from the same device.
* Android: makefiles now match ndk v7.
* Bug Fix: client-server did not pass timestamp correct in the NewDataAvailbale event, causing FrameSync to malfunction.
* Bug Fix: Enumeration for ImageGenerator could cause a crash.
* Default UsbInterface is now BULK on Arm (for performance reasons) and ISO on all other platforms.
* Default Image format is now uncompressed in ISO, and compressed in BULK.
* Server (Multiprocess) is not on by default on Arm.
* BC Bug fix: XnVInitStreamPropertiesInternal::IsProperty did not function correctly.
* BC Bug Fix: XnVDepthRepresentation would not set correct Y resolution.
* Added support for FW 5.6 (no audio)
* Added Android support to open source.
* Temporary patch for MacOSX: Cache the device path's since running enum on the MAC takes several seconds!
Version (Unstable version - Nov 17th 2011)
* Removed support for very old 2.0 devices.
* Linux: XnSensorServer dependency was missing.
* Bug Fix: AllowMultiUsers property was not handled correctly.
Version (Unstable version - Nov 7th 2011)
* Added YUV input in high res for FW 5.3.28 and above.
* Added grayscale 8 input format.
* Added automatic setting of input format, and automatic checking of modes.
* Updated to newer common makefiles
* Sensor client-server on windows: Allow starting server and client in different sessions (requires a special setting in GlobalDefaults.ini, as this causes things not to work properly if running on a machine with UAC on).
* Changed Engine changed to Sensor in the final installation files.
* Renamed Linux-x86 to "Linux" (supports x86, x64, Arm and MacOSX).
* Allow better cross compiling.
* Bug Fix: old XNS files would not set their IsGenerating property (and so it is left FALSE, even if node has frames).
* Updated the value of the UsbInterface property once endpoints are opened.
Version (Stable version - Sep 18th 2011)
* Some minor windows installer UI fix (title position).
* Fixed buffer overflow bugs in the software registration.
* Support for firmware 5.4.x: New TEC and extended serial number commands.
* On newer FWs (5.4+) high-res image output does not always have to be bayer so this rule will only be enforced on older versions.
* Preliminary Android Support.
* Preliminary ARM Support.
* Win32: Added the /MP (MultiProcess Compiling) flag to all projects to save build time.
* Bug Fix: Image Generator always said it supports JPEG (without checking the sensor itself).
* Fix a memory leak (about 180 bytes per generator).
Version (Stable version - Jul 5th 2011)
* Windows Redist: Support for 64-bit systems.
* Control mutex is now per sensor and not global to all sensors.
Version (Stable version - Jul 5th 2011)
* Linux: Allow installation to a different directory (for cross-compilation mainly).
* Workaround firmware bug: if no depth, IR timestamps are corrupt. Use host clock for timestamps instead.
* Bug Fix: unregistering USB event callback when destroying sensor to prevent crash when unplugging device.
* XnExportedSensorDevice now only enumerates devices that weren't created in the context yet.
Version (Stable version - May 3rd 2011)
* Fixed use of deprecated CreateProductionTree().
* Bug Fix: playing XNS files in applications using deprecated API might cause memory leaks.
* Bug Fix: serial number was in hex format instead of decimal one.
* Make sure SensorV2 nodes will only use SensorV2 device (up to now they only checked it's a PrimeSense device).
Version (Unstable version - Apr 18th 2011)
* CE4100: adding support in makefiles, redist and install.
* CE4100: default is now BULK with compressed formats.
Version (Unstable version - Apr 11th 2011)
* Fixing log prints of resolutions (-1 appeared as MAX_UINT64...) to the resolution name.
* Linux Bug Fix: Server creates two log files, one in the client folder and one in /var/log/primesense/XnSensorServer
* Fixed a memory leak when rewinding old XNS files.
* Win32: WIX installer (replacing NSIS)
* Fixed wrong version in XnDeviceFile
Version (Stable version - Apr 11th 2011)
* Fix BULK timeout - it was too small...
* Bug Fix: IR only works in QVGA...
* Added 64bit support for the installers.
* Fix wrong uses of the XN_IS_STATUS_OK macro (value is evaluated twice).
* Adding support for MJPEG pass-through.
* Adding initial support for new CMOS interfaces
* Adding initial JPEG support
* Fix for UAC installer problems.
* Fixed uninstall without OpenNI.
* Set minimum OpenNI version check in the installer.
* Fix seeking to first frame in old XNS files.
* Bug Fix: Client would fail to connect if trying to connect while server is shutting down.
* Improving the timestamps algorithm.
* performance improvement when enumerating for image nodes - a sensor should only be checked once.
* improving error message for setting grayscale8 in low resolutions.
* Improve thread-safety when starting server
* Bug Fix: a crash when trying to open a non-existing XNS file.
* Bug Fix: a potential crash if Init of depth generator fails.
* Sensor now supports the Device Identification capability.
* Server: fixing a deadlock problem between closing a stream and getting new data from it. This was done by splitting the sensor lock into two locks: one for changes on the sensor and one for changing the stream collection.
* MultiProcess Bug Fix: the lock on a sensor didn't exist, so nothing was synchronized.
* ImageGenerator now also changes InputFormat when changing resolution if needed (when switching from hi-res to normal & vice versa).
* Adding frame IDs to Audio (just counting)
* restoring defaults to QVGA.
* Add support for sensors with no image CMOS.
* Updated low-bandwidth USB devices buffer information.
* Added the Asus WAVI auto-detection for Win32.
* Low bandwidth devices now use bigger USB delays.
* New defaults are now VGA, uncompressed.
* Initial support for low-band devices:
1. Image, IR and audio does not enumerate.
2. Defaults changed to QVGA, compressed.
Version (Unstable version - Jan 6th 2011)
* Bug fix: infinite loop in server when a client tries to disconnect and streams can't be closed (usb timeout for example).
* Added MacOSX platform support.
* Added the unstable README file.
* Removed useless win32 prerequisites...
* Fixing audio to work properly in the client-server model.
* Server Bug Fix: a potential dead lock was solved.
* Sensor Server now supports multiple sensors.
* Refactored server to a better design, which should decrease deadlocks and make code more readable.
* Adding support for enumerating and opening different sensors.
* Bug Fix: GetStringProperty would always return XN_STATUS_ERROR.
Version (Stable version - Dec 8th 2010)
* Initial release...
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