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How Deep Learning Works and How to Build a Chatbot using Deep Learning
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1 - How neural networks work
2 - Tensorflow demystified
3 - Deep Learning in 7 lines of code
4 - DevCon 2019 chatbot


Summarised in: Artificial intelligence, deep learning and chatbots demystified

    A post on my blog going through all the steps I followed during my presentations
    on How Deep Learning Works and How to Build a Chatbot using Deep Learning
    during DevCon 2019 in Mauritius

Developer Conference 2019, also known as DevCon 2019, took place in Mauritius from 11 to 13 April 2019.

Presentation #1: How Deep Learning Works

    Everyone is talking of Artificial Intelligence today as the next Big Thing!
    This session explains, from the point of view of a programmer, what a Neuron is,
    how a Neural Network can be built and how to use frameworks such as TensorFlow
    and TFLearn to quickly experiment with Deep Learning.

Presentation #2: Building a Chatbot using Deep Learning

    Smart devices of today, powered by e.g. Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa,
    can chat with us in quite surprising ways. It is therefore interesting for a developer
    to understand how chatbots work. In this session, we will build a chatbot using
    Deep Learning techniques.

The focus was to start from the fundamentals and demystify everything. Hence, instead
of reinventing the wheel, I simply followed the four following articles I found online:

    How Neural Networks Work

        One neuron only and introducing the sigmoid function

    Tensorflow demystified

        Using tensorflow and building the neural network by hand

    Deep Learning in 7 lines of code

        Using TFLearn to build the neural network (which itself uses tensorflow internally)

    Contextual Chatbots with Tensorflow

        (1) build a context-free chatbot
        (2) build a contextualized chatbot

Avinash Meetoo
25 April 2019
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