A simple, easily extendable theme options class (well its actually a whole bunch of classes, but hey lets not confuse things, were making things simpler here). Uses the built in Settings API for WordPress. And uses Custom error handling for validation classes. This allows each tab to count its errors and display warnings for the user.
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NHP Theme Options V1.0.6

Theme options framework which uses the WordPress Settings API, Custom Error/Validation Handling, Custom Field/Validation Types (which are easily extendable), and import/export functionality.

Simple Usage

Simply include the nhp-options.php file in your themes functions.php file, like so:

get_template_part('nhp', 'options');

Then change the settings as written in the nhp-options.php file.


  • Uses the WordPress Settings API
  • Multiple built in field types: View WIKI
  • Multple layout field types: View WIKI
  • Fields can be over-ridden with a callback function, for custom field types
  • Easily extendable by creating Field Classes (more info in the View WIKI)
  • Built in Validation Classes: [View WIKI](/leemason/NHP-Theme-Options-Framework/wiki title="View WIKI")
  • Easily extendable by creating Validation Classes (more in the View WIKI)
  • Custom Validation error handling, including error counts for each section, and custom styling for error fields
  • Custom Validation warning handling, including warning counts for each section, and custom styling for warning fields
  • Multiple Hook Points for customisation
  • Import / Export Functionality - including cross site importing of settings
  • Easily add page help through the class
  • Much more