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Releasing Jasmine

Add release notes to gh-pages branch /release-notes.html.markdown

Jasmine core

  • update version.json with new version
  • rake jasmine:dist
  • add pages/downloads/*.zip
  • commit, tag, and push both jasmine/pages and jasmine
  • * git push
  • * git tag -a x.x.x-release
  • * git push --tags

Jasmine Gem

  • update version in version.rb
    • for release candidates, add "rc" + number to the end of the appropriate version part, e.g. we should have tagged the 1.0 RC's as 1.0.0rc1, not 1.0.0.rc1. Likewise
  • rake jeweler:install and try stuff out
  • * (jasmine init and script/generate jasmine)
  • rake site
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