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A content-focused reddit theme.
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images Use more subtle header image. Apr 18, 2017


focus – theme for reddit (beta)

Subreddit / Demo


  • Customizable subreddit logo and header background.
  • Subtle round "back to reddit" button.
  • Compatible with RES and RES Night Mode.
  • Aliases for "subscribers" and "users" in sidebar.
  • Multicolor user and link flairs.
  • Large buttons in sidebar text.
  • Circular fixed-size thumbnail images.
  • Also works as a gold theme for all subreddits.


  1. Copy all the images from images to your subreddit, preserving the original file names.
  2. Set a square or circular header image in your subreddit settings.
  3. Compile the SCSS using your tool of choice (sass theme/main.scss).
  4. Copy and paste the CSS to your subreddit.
  5. Alternatively, there's a script in ./bin/publish that automates steps 3 and 4.


This theme is provided under MIT License. I also request that you leave the attribution text in the theme unchanged.

Image Credits

  • The header background is "Small Steps", CC-BY-SA 3.0 - Subtle Patterns © Toptal Designers.
  • All other images are licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0 - Avinash Dwarapu.
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