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BitTorrent Client Implementation


What's in the code?
The main objective  of this project is  to build a basic Bit Torrent client which parses the torrent  file and share
the file among peers. The implementation of the Bit Torrent Client is as follows:

Common Functionality - Initially, when the client program starts running, the torrent file is parsed and the torrent
arguments are stored in a structure. Then, a new socket is opened and bound to an ip address and port number. If the
program running  has the complete file,  then the peer is run as  a Seeder. If the  program running is looking for a 
file, then the peer is run as a Leecher.

SEEDER  - Once the peer is bound to an address, it waits for the incoming connections. If there  is an a connect request
from a leecher, it accepts the connection and then it creates a thread for that particular  leecher and the seeder waits
for a new connection. The thread process waits for a hand shake message from the leecher  which includes the peer id and
the hash of the info part of the torrent file. If the hash of the info part mismatches, seeder terminates the connection 
since the file hosted by seeder is different from the file leecher is looking for. If the hash of the  info matches with 
the hash of the  info it has, then the hand shake message is acknowledged by sending the seeder peer id and the  hash of 
the info  part of torrent file.  Then the seeder sets the  connected leecher as un-choked and is notified to the leecher.
Also, the  seeder shares the bit field message i.e. the information about the pieces  of data the seeder is having. Then, 
the seeder  waits for an interested message  from the leecher. If the leecher  is interested in downloading the file, it
waits for the request message from  leecher which includes  the index  of the piece, offset and the length of data to be 
read. The offset is  start position of file with respect to piece index from where the data has to be read. This repeats
until the leecher has a complete piece/file. If the leecher has the complete file,  then it sends a cancel  request upon 
which the seeder stops the data transmission and closes the connection with the leecher.

LEECHER - Once the peer is connected to a seeder, a hand shake message is sent to the seeder which includes the peer id
and the hash of the info of the torrent file. If the hash matches with the seeder's hash, it acknowledges the hand shake
message and  sends the bit field  of the seeder. Leecher compares it's bit field with the seeder's bit field and sends a
sequence  of requests for  the missing piece.  This comparison  continues until  the leecher has the complete file. This 
downloaded  piece file  is stored in  a temporary file  and once the  leecher has all the pieces, it then writes all the 
pieces into the main file after comparing the SHA1 digest of the pieces with the SHA1 digest in the torrent file.

Tasks Accomplished
-> Parsing the torrent file and storing the arguments in a structure.
-> Establishing a connection between seeder and leecher, completing hand shake procedure between.
-> Sending part of files over the network and saving them to the original file after comparing the SHA1 digests.
-> Logging the events occurred in the file transfer process.
-> Extending the Seeder functionality to support N-Leechers simultaneously.

Files in the Project
bt_setup.cpp      :      Contains setup code, such as parsing arguments
bt_setup.h        :      Header file for bt_setup

bt_lib.cpp        :      Contains code for some functions used by bt_client
bt_lib.h          :      Header file for bt_lib

bt_parser.cpp     :      Contains code for parsing a torrent file
bt_parser.h       :      Header file for bt_parser

bt_client.cpp     :      Contains code for the seeder and leecher functionality

Compiling the Code
The code compilation can be done using the Makefile as 
  gmake all
When compiling using gmake, the executable is stored in bt_client.

Execution and Interpretation of Output
SEEDER can be started as
    ./bt_client -b <ipAddress>:<portNum> -l <logFileName> <TorrentFileName>
    Eg: ./bt_client -b localhost:8084 -l log1.log download.mp3.torrent
   In seeder, -b and torrentFileName are the mandatory options.

LEECHER can be started as 
    ./bt_client -b <ipAddress>:<portNum> -p <ipAddress>:<portNum> -s <saveDirectory> -l <logFileName> <TorrentFileName>
	Eg:  ./bt_client -b localhost:8066 -p localhost:8084 -s Download -l log3.log -v download.mp3.torrent
   In leecher, -b, -p and TorrentFileName are the mandatory options.

In both Seeder and Leecher, LogFileName is an optional attribute and if not specified, prints the logs to default log file bt_client.log.
Also, there is an additional -v attribute to execute the program in verbose mode.

To bind a peer to ip address, port number, use -b option as <ipAddress>:<portNumber> 
To specify a seeder's address to the leecher '-p' option is used as <ipAddress>:<portNumber>

Note:- As per the current implementation, the seeder has to be kept running before starting the leecher. Also, when a leecher downloads a file,
it is by default saved in the directory 'Downloads'.