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Name  : Avinash Ravi
uname : avinravi

Name  : Sravya Gudipudi
uname : sgudipud


What's in the code?
The main objective  of this project is  to write an analysis routine for the pcap file provided. 
The implementation of Wiretap is as follows:

The program starts running, it opens the captured pcap file and checks if the packet is captured 
from Ethernet. If no, the program terminates closing the captured file. If yes, it starts analysing
every packet  present in the capture file. For every packet, it analyses the Ethernet header and
stores the source and destination Ethernet addresses in a map. It also checks for the underlying 
network layer protocol. If the network layer protocol in the packet is ARP, it parses the packet
to get  the ARP Ethernet and ip address and stores it in a map. If the network layer protocol is 
IP, it  parses through the  packet to  get source and destination ip addresses. It also gets the 
underlying Transport layer protocol. If  the transport layer protocol is TCP, it gets the source 
and destination ports. It also gets the TCP flags and TCP options from the packet. If UDP is the
underlying transport layer, it  gets the source and  destination ports from the packet. If ICMP,
then the program gets the ICMP codes and ICMP types from the  packet. It also keeps track of the
summary of Network and Transport layer protocols present in the packet. Once all the packets are 
parsed, the program prints the summary on the console.

This program makes use of 'libpcap' to open, parse and close the captured pcap file. It also uses 
several pre-defined structures from if_ether.h, ip.h, tcp.h, udp.h, ip_icmp.h to parse each packet
present in capture file.

Tasks Accomplished
-> Parsing through each packet to get Link, Network, Transport layer headers.
-> Parsing through headers of Ethernet, IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP packets.
-> Using maps to store and print the summary of each value of packet header.

Files in the Project
wt_setup.cpp    :      Contains setup code, such as parsing arguments
wt_setup.h      :      Header file for wt_setup

wiretap.cpp     :      Contains code for parsing and outputting the summary of packets in pcap file

Compiling the Code
The code compilation can be done using the Makefile as 
  gmake all
When compiling using gmake, the executable is stored in wiretap.

Execution and Interpretation of Output
This program can be executed as 
./wiretap --open <capture_file>
Eg: ./wiretap --open wget.pcap

This prints the summary of Link, Network, Transport Layer headers for packets in capture file on the console.