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PowerShell script that extracts a list of fields from a folder that contains Power BI .pbix or .pbit files
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Extract Power BI Fields

This PowerShell script will extract a list of fields from a folder that contains .pbix or .pbit files. This is useful when undertaking impact analysis when changing a data model, to see which reports will be impacted when removing or renaming fields/tables.


Extract fields to fields.csv for Power BI reports in the current directory:


Extract fields to a named CSV for Power BI reports in a specified directory:

Extract-Fields -ReportsPath C:\reports -CsvPath C:\reports\pbifields.csv

To overwrite an existing CSV file, use the -Force parameter.


Due to the complexities of Layout structure with filters on visuals, I've taken a shortcut and used regex rather than JSON navigation to mop up any missing properties not found the the first two passes. This will result in the Table column in the CSV file being blank in these cases.

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